Total from 1/16/2012 to 1/20/2012 is

Entry comments: Reshorted after ALL those big bids at 1.04 turned out to be fake, back to 80k short, cost me roughly $1k in commissions and a lower average to cover & reshort, I will not be weak again, this is primed for collapse this week or next.

Exit comments: Covered all 80k RAYS, made nearly 20 cents/share, probly 8 cent/share in fees, $10k profit, video lesson coming, nearly $20k locked in today, yeah!



Entry comments: Shorted more BVSN, now short roughly 8k at SureTrader at 21.30ish, once it cracks 21, this could drop $1-2-3-4/share today, thank you SureTrader!

Exit comments: Covered all BVSN, this is consolidation, not panic, potential reshort, SureTrader has a little more to short, but I might have buying power issues due to my large overnight position...they also just got some more RAYS to short so I might add to th...



I Jewed out on the perfect day, $4k in fees, coulda-shoulda-woulda been $20k+



Entry comments: Added to my short, got average up to 1.06, thank you SureTrader & special broker for having shares to short, goal is to cover into big collapse, likely later this week or early next

Exit comments: Covered 37k of my 80k position from 1.065, just to play it safe since its not cracking despite fading nicely all day, I made 1.5 cents/share, but after overnight fees and commissions, I lost roughly 5 cents/share, playing it safe, potential reshort.


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