Total from 2/1/2023 to 2/28/2023 is

Entry comments: I didn't want to buy this again but I have no choice as its dropped so nicely and this news https://tim.ly/3SCtRhY is still meaningful, goal is to sell into a bounce in the .80s as this likely just got ahead of itself and now over-aggressive players have been weeded out

Exit comments: Nice little bouncer here heading into midday, good reminder to dip buy big spikers with news catalyst into intraday panics...this probably bounces more, but I have another long travel day today so I have to be extra-safe, just couldn't ignore the opportunity given the sizable dip off the highs


-$128 Loss
ABMLLong Stock

Entry comments: I had to rebuy this dip as it has tons of support at .80ish and I'd love to see it retest the day high around .90...remember this last time it went Supernovsa, same exact price action this, just more volume s I can't go huge, but I like this action/catalyst

Exit comments: No bounce and now big sellers everywhere on the ask, the key is protecting earlier gains, have your wins be bigger than your losses...small losses aren't fun, but they are FINE/acceptable! Remember http://tim.ly/clq always



Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker/former Supernova with big news https://tim.ly/3SCtRhY I wanted a bigger dip but this looks like it can keep running given the news so I'll take a stab, my goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: VERY nice morning spike, my goals have been met and I have a crazy day so I won't get greedy, just another reason why you NEED http://tim.ly/breaking2 every single morning



Entry comments: Nice little space deal on the filing here https://tim.ly/3IVwt7o PR is likely on the way, goal is to make 5-15% later today/into tomorrow, solid alert from http://tim.ly/breaking2 and I'm buying on a dip off the highs

Exit comments: This looks to be somewhat rangebound now, maybe it spikes more, but maybe not, I am actually traveling right now so not ideal timing for me, I might rebuy before the close if it is strong enough, for now, locking in some little profits just in case due to my schedule


-$180 Loss
OCEALong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this spiker that is now crashing off its highs, variation of the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, goal is to sell into a bounce in the $10s

Exit comments: No bounce so I'm cutting losses, remember http://tim.ly/clq at all times, safety first



Entry comments: Dip buying this 50%+ drop off Friday's highs, VERY glad I played so safely then as it allows me to scoop this up at a massive discount instead of being a part of the panic had I been too greedy/aggressive, goal is 15-30% bounce, this one moves quick, cut losses thugh if no bounce as its crazy how fast its dropped too

Exit comments: I'm out for small gains as this boounce is weak and there's tons of sellers .022-.023, maybe potential re-buy into the .01s, but this is terrible price action, surprised they didn't issue a PR after that SEC filing on Friday, stay safe/cynical


-$276 Loss
EPAZLong Stock

Entry comments: Buying this recent runner on new AI news https://tim.ly/3Xyerfl let's see how far it can go, its proven it can spike in a hurry, goal is to make 15-30%

Exit comments: I'm out of this one, they just had a PR and its not even moving...i gave it plenty of time and its just not uptrending or spiking so I'm cutting losses...should've been 395k shares, it was a typo as I was rushing when entering...AI plays disappointing as of late



Entry comments: I bought the dip off the big spike on merger SEC filing here https://tim.ly/3Sre45q as it spiked nicely but it got ahead of itself, we'll see if it can close strong, goal is to sell for 10-20-30%

Exit comments: I can't last any longer, this is nearly 100% winner now for me, OMG, what a runner, unreal, I'm just locking it in, whewwwww, maybe it goes more, but I have rules and this has already exceeded ALL expectations


-$380 Loss
GDVMLong Stock

Entry comments: Bough the intraday panic, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic, got early dip buyers fooled too, goal is to sell in the .07s, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Cutting losses, no bounce, scary big sellers, this could keep going down, potential rebuy but tough to gets aggressive in this market and heading into midday



Entry comments: Partial fill on the breaking news engaging anti-illegal short selling service https://tim.ly/3m7Clla as this catalyst worked well a few weeks ago, Frank the Tank the promoter will likely hype this up, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Got a little spike but nothing huge and it looks like its having problems at .12ish so I'll take the single in this ugly market...gotta focus on GDVM panic, potential dip buy play


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