Total from 2/7/2022 to 2/11/2022 is

Entry comments: Partial fill on this big morning spiker, STT Breaking News alert, they acquired new company in Europe, lets see how far it can run, lots of bidders so far

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but nice little single to start the day, this one has solid price action, but you can't get too greedy in this market environment as this is the biggest % gainer we've seen in a while



Entry comments: Partial fill dip buying the panic of this recent promo, goal is to make 5-10% on hte bounce, nothing huge, but high odds given the big drop here at the open

Exit comments: Nice and easy gain here, buying morning panics on recent multiday runners works like a charm, only wish I had a bigger position, but the move was fats so I'll take what I can get



Entry comments: Partial fill on this big spiker breaking out of recent range, small position due to less liquidity and its over-extended but lets see how far this can go, cut losses if no further spiking

Exit comments: Glad I gave this some time to sell for small profits here...still a 60k+ bidder so it could run more if they ever move higher, but there seems to be a lot of sellers in the .73-.75 range too so I'll just take my single here, it's not the market environment to be too aggressive, singles add up


-$150 Loss
VLDRLong Stock

Entry comments: One more dip buy into further panic, goal is still a 20-40 cent/share bounce, bigger position due to bigger panic

Exit comments: No bounce, rule #1 cut losses fast, sad how good price action we had on this one afterhours yesterday compared to now...no rebuy given the weak action



Entry comments: Dip buying this recent runner from last night on a big drop of its afterhours highs, should have lots of support in the 4.50s, not the most volatile play, but I think it can still bounce, goal is 20-40 cents/share bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz small gain, but overall this is a weak bounce attempt, I thought it would be able to get closer to 5, maybe more panic coming first, potential re-buy into any bigger panic



Entry comments: GREAT http://tim.ly/breaking news alert, deal with Amazon, lets see how far it can go, scary spike but worth a shot given the credibility amazon gives them

Exit comments: Whewww, solid gain, locking in safe profits, scary play, too rich for my blood, potential dip buy on any intraday panic only



Entry comments: Former Supernova spiking on this news https://tim.ly/3HxvO8Y thx STT Breaking News, goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast given breaking news, cut losses if no further spike

Exit comments: Absolutely perfect, AWESOME alert from http://tim.ly/breaking maybe it goes more too, but I'm happy with this solid gain to start the week, whewwww, already .028s now



Entry comments: I bought this crypto play breaking out today on the back of this news https://tim.ly/34zl1MQ that will make them one of the largest miners in the world, and it just took out day highs at $3ish so let's see how far it can go. Small $ position due to overall market risk and since crypto trades all weekend, but I think this can spike another 5-10-15% from its current price as more people see the news and solid multiweek breakout. I'll review more in a weekend video lesson

Exit comments: I'm selling the rest of my position into this small gap up for solid overall gains. This didn't spike as much as I thought it would, but still glad to lock in this single over the weekend, especially given how much it dropped to the high 2s late Friday.


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