Total from 2/28/2022 to 3/4/2022 is
$325 Profit
CEILong Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy on this former energy play runner that's heating up given all t he issues with Russia, lets see how far it can go, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge, but solid breakout now and big volume after several days of downtrending so little risk down here

Exit comments: Nice little single here, I won't get greedy since its not my ideal kind of play, but the momentum is here so I went with it and profited...nice to see there are still trades despite negative overall market


$93 Profit
CYRNLong Stock

Entry comments: Small position on late day spike of former Supernova, now STT Breaking news, Russia cyberwarfare play, goal is to sell in the 7s, lets see if this can finally make it breakout

Exit comments: Zzzzzz weak breakout attempt for a late day Friday runner, I thought maybe it could have quick burst over $7 and then a late day short squeeze, but no dice so I'm out for small profits just in case...stay safe in this scary overall market, that's the priority right now



Entry comments: Major dip buy into this all morning panic, lots of support at .30 so limited risk, goal is a 5-10% bounce, stay safe and conservative though in this market environment, cut losses if .30 fails

Exit comments: Solid midday bounce, I wasn't looking to buy this, but the stock came down enough and had enough support, even in an ugly market, to pull me out of retirement and force me to trade it otherwise I would've felt guilty missing it...that backwards thinking is key in this market, be selective and trade like a sniper!



Entry comments: Bigger panic means bigger position size on my dip buy, goal is to sell in the .05s, whewww, so glad I cut my earlier losses to open up this trade

Exit comments: Nice bounce, so glad I added instead of cutting losses....not for the faint of heart, but its good to focus on dip buying multiday winners/former Supernovas like this, now I'm just taking my single, not gonna get greedy midday


-$140 Loss
DPLSLong Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this big all day spiker off its highs, goal is to make 5-10% bounce, nothing huge but good entry given its run and its a former runner too

Exit comments: No bounce s rule #1 is cut losses quickly, just protecting my earlier gains



Entry comments: Former runner spiking to new day highs on EV news https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ELEK/news/story?e&id=2145623 lets see how far it can go, goal is to sell in the .30s, nothing huge, but its run big in the past

Exit comments: Nice gain, up to .37 already but Etrade is giving me issues during this live webinar, still nice to pick the biggest winner there is



Entry comments: I bought this recent runner as its holding its morning spike well and they teased big news on Monday https://tim.ly/3hliBVr with an update on their deal with Caterpillar, which is a $100 billion company so it'll likely be positive. I'll do a video lesson this weekend with my detailed take on this setup, but my goal is to sell in the .04s as today is just the first green day, a classic http://tim.ly/fgperfect setup with the PR coming on Monday. Overall market risk is down too now

Exit comments: I sold my remaining shares for a solid profit despite no premarket PR like I wanted and an ugly overall market due to the Russian/Ukraine crisis. Potential rebuy depending on what they say in the PR and when it comes out. Stay safe in this market above all else.


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