Total from 3/7/2022 to 3/11/2022 is

Entry comments: I wanted to wait until later in the day but this keeps making new highs so I had to grab some, they are live tweeting their trip to India https://twitter.com/CleanVisionCorp with expected news next week so let's see how far they can push it since renewable energy is hot right now, goal is to sell in the .07s or .08s

Exit comments: Nice ramp into the close, I won't risk it since the market is ugly and it nearly hit my goals, that dip buy in the .05s realllly made this worthwhile, solid single!



Entry comments: Partial fill on this morning spiker, nice news with Walmart xhttps://tim.ly/3pJJUgH and this is a former runner, goal is to sell in the .005s or .006s, lets see how far it can go

Exit comments: Solid little winner to start the week despite ugly overall markets, wish I had bigger position but I'll take what I can get as the process is more important to me here and it's nice to see some big % gainers are back on the OTC



Entry comments: I'm buying this energy play on a solid midday/multi-month breakout, the entire sector is running bigtime, but many are over-extended while this one doesn't seem to be yet as it has far lower volume than popular plays like CEI/IMPP/MXC which to me says opportunity. I'll explain more in a weekend video lesson, but my goal is to sell in the 4s as this is just the first green day/breakout day

Exit comments: Nice little over-the-weekend win as energy plays all opened up nicely today, if not as hugely as they were up premarket, due to the fast-developing Russian-Ukranian crisis...still hit my goals which were conservative so I'm happy


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