10:12pm study check: https://tim.ly/384PZvk retweet/favorite that if you're up studying or making your watchlist for tomorrow, every day/night get in a routine and stick with it over time!

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Testakleez Mar 02, 10:45 PM

I don't twit on tweeter but yes I am still up and studying and yes I do use STT with Breaking News. Thanks Coach...

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$387 profit VNUE Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought the dip on this fast OTC runner on news of an uplisting http://tim.ly/2PuQYhZ I def won' hold overnight as I won't hold any OTC play now overnight, but this could keep running into the close since its a multiweek breakout too, already a nice runner fro the low .03s just an hour ago so its definitely moving otherwise I wouldn't even bother, goal is to profit 10-20%

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz weak close, not even worth my time, thought it might spike big into the .04s, but the overall market hitting new lows now too, at least WSGF is closing better, somewhat...remember http://tim.ly/riskyotcs I will not hold ANY OTC play overnight in this environment, too risky so I'll play extra safe

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enyong Mar 03, 9:21 AM

multiday breakout if break 0.04

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