$1,000 profit GAXY Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy, classic morning panic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern, goal is to make 5-10%, could be quick

Exit comments: Easiest trade in a while, remember former runners and take advantage of panics when most are unprepared, will do video lesson on this too!

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justinf Sep 29, 11:14 AM

Thanks Tim. Great Alert. Got in at .21 and out at .239. I’m looking forward to the video and am interested to know what scan or message board you are using to spot the morning panic while it was happening :)

priscillac22 Sep 29, 12:00 PM

Just paper trading at the moment. Good one

jindubaraich Sep 29, 1:09 PM

Just start trading while studying but Questtrade is 15 min behind then your server. Can u suggest what I should do? I am from Canada. I don’t have access to most of your recommendations for brokers. Thanks

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StefanSchwarz13 Sep 29, 10:46 AM

I'm looking forward to Friday. Thanks for all of your lessons!!

Jenna Sep 29, 11:25 AM

Can’t wait until fri! Love all day webinars!

Outdoorchick Sep 29, 11:33 AM

Stoked for Friday had the day off well before this was announced. So I get to spend the entire day learning!

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$1,470 profit LIACF Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on a dip buy on this former multiday runner lithium play, got a good entry, goal is to sell for 7-15% gains, not sure if I'll hold overnight

Exit comments: No gap up or morning spike so I exit safely with small gains

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