$632 profit TRTC Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this strong first green day on a former Supernova on news of a $20 million buyback https://tim.ly/2kmsuZ7 and its been holding its morning spike well all day so probably gap up/morning spike tomorrow, all I want is to make 7-15% as this one isn't as volatile as I like, but its a solid seemingly low risk overnight setup with solid support at .42 if I'm wrong

Exit comments: Damnnnn I was gonna hold overnight, but its hit all my goals so no need for overnight risk, these plays have REALLY been ramping nicely the past hour of the day, recognize the pattern...now .488 so it keeps going, but I'm glad to just lock in profits safely

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Bloodhound Sep 17, 4:28 PM

Tim, I'm in the challenge program and would like to be able to readily recognize this pattern as you did. Aside from the regular curricula, can you recommend a video or series of your videos that show this pattern over and over and over, because I know repetition is the mother of skill.

BrandonHilton Sep 17, 5:46 PM

Loving the overnight plays for those of us trading under PDT. Think I'll study up more on catching overnights.

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Iroh Sep 17, 9:11 PM

It would be nice if your fued with Dux would just go the ring and get it over with.

RebeccaLee Sep 17, 11:39 PM

I am Sadi confused in this company? I have been researching the merger deal they have with GRN and I can’t find what happens to the stock from DCGD if you are long when the reverse merger takes place? Do you have any information on this or can help me understand what might happen?

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D22 Sep 17, 7:09 AM

"Patience is key in this market, please remember that you do NOT have to trade every day and the more patience you can have to wait for ONLY the best setups, the better your odds of success are on every trade...sure, sure, I might miss a few random spikers every now and then, but my confidence is much higher because I know the patterns I trade inside and out"

RPhTrader Sep 17, 7:13 AM

Patience for the best set ups. Cut losses

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DCGD holding near day highs nicely, c'mon $1/share

FinanciallyWealthy Sep 17, 1:08 AM

I'm new to this site and it's very helpful however everytime I try to click on time watchlist it always tell meni have to subscribe and I already paid the initial $75 fee. Can anyone help me?

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$850 profit DCGD Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this first green day on this multi-month runner, looks like the buyers are back in charge, not sure if I'll hold overnight yet, but I think it can get back to the day highs in the .90s and maybe test $1/share today or tomorrow, that's my goal, small $ position though just in case

Exit comments: Not breaking the day highs convincingly and already up 50%+ so I'm taking safe profits, I just don't trust this stock overnight after such a big move, probly playing it too safely, but this one has failed on day 2 before so just taking my single here

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Kriminator Sep 16, 6:34 PM

Tim, how, how? Do you know this shit? Seriously!

aprgary Sep 16, 10:26 PM

How come this stock isnt coming up when I search it

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