$150 profit GHSI Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent runner spiking on positive news an hour ago, got a little dip off its day highs of .66 and now put in a bottom at .6ish so I'm buying this dip, goal is to sell near day highs or possibly new highs in the .70s...not many stocks in play so this could catch fire as traders remember its strength from a few days ago

Exit comments: Going nowhere fast midday, worth a shot for me given the slow market that can turn any mover into something bigger, but clearly not breaking new day highs let alone testing it so I'm out for small gain, potential rebuy only if it can show better strength later in the day

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Ahardmove Oct 10, 19 12:05 PM

Bought 100 shares @.5859 of GHSI 7 days ago it was my first ever purchase have been holding since noticed small news and started up trend when I bought it so have given it time to break and it keeps me watching and learning with skin in the game whole training...excited to see the big spike today! But also feel like I learned I was early and should have let it play more before I first bought since it dipped right after.

IsaacYu Oct 10, 19 12:35 PM

Was watching this one as well after the spije from news for maybe an afternoon play. Encouraged that I'm starting to focus on the same stocks as you. Still got a long way to go, but makes me feel like Im on the right track.

firstgreenday Oct 12, 19 5:45 AM

Trading can be lonely at times !! Even though we are all enthusiastic !!

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