$738 profit DRIO Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this premarket spiker on a $2/share dip off its highs on news with Walmart https://tim.ly/2YaFeBD small position in case it dips more, but looks to have support at $9ish and I'd love to sell near the open int he $10s or $11s

Exit comments: Got back to the 10s, but pretty solid wall of sellers there so I'll take my single and not be greedy, nice little premarket winner

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AGray_KaliSun Dec 03, 19 1:35 PM

Ummmm...when was this at $2?? I was trying to find that dip this morning. I only saw premarket lows of around $5 or so. Did you buy it at $2 this morning or a previous day?

azwhupa Dec 03, 19 7:17 PM

@jupiter6man, not quite there yet. Thank you...

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