-$5,297 loss CMTL Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm dip buying this earnings winner at the bottom of its recent range as I think it can takeout the 4.20s key resistance and then really squeeze, goal is to sell in the mid to high 4s, we'll see how long I can hold but I like this entry and setup

Exit comments: Nasty loss here as my laptop got soaked and I've had to use a backup, just trying to get access to everything overseas hasn't been easy...stupid annoying loss, but have to cut it and start over as I FINALLY just got access to my brokerage accounts aye aye aye aye what a mess

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stocktrader_96442 Jun 21, 4:12 PM

Still holding CMTL? Haven’t seen any updates on this one.

slowandeasytrader Jun 25, 8:20 PM

Probably due to little bit bad entry price action was overextended in short term 1 month frame holders were taking profits just educated guess on best knowledge, take it easy…

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