$686 profit KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Looks like the sellers are finally tired, nice 50% drop off the highs, al I want is a bounce to the low .30s, worth a shot given this ideal pattern

Exit comments: Blehhh, got a little bounce but just can't seem to go red to green on the day which would give it a bigger bounce so at least I made back this morning's losses, but no big bounce so I'm out, taking this single, trying not to trade it again until better signs

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Nanigirl May 17, 4:52 PM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

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($578) loss KBLB Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this mini panic, getting closer to the low, big support in the mid .26s is my risk, goal is to sell into bounce in the low .30s

Exit comments: No bounce so I'm out, protect, protect, protect, still big sellers on the ask, will look to rebuy lower

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FloridaBoy May 17, 9:47 AM

Cool. Good luck with your trade. I have to sit out Friday due to PDT rule. But, again really appreciate you stating where you think support is on this play... it is helping me spot it better. The Alluch book is helping as well.

T7105ph May 17, 12:52 PM

Thanks for all your notes and sharing; bought and sold otlk this morning $180 profit

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