$520 profit ZSAN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent spiker, straight from watch;list, goals is to make 5-10% on the bounce, good patience to wait for this big dip

Exit comments: Nothing huge, but I'll take the 5%+, having trouble now just under the recent bounce at 4.90ish so I'll play safe...simply dip buy into panic right around support from yesterday, classic http://tim.ly/sykesmorning panic pattern

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jspinoza3 Feb 22, 10:55 AM

ah yes, buy around support from yesterday. I was buying this bad bear in the beginning of the 1m 9:35 candle. Silly because I didn't even have volume confirmation. I cut my losses quick though.

jspinoza3 Feb 22, 10:59 AM

and now it just keeps going up toward 5. You really called a bottom on this one!

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Congrats to all ACHV longs remember to take profits into strength, this was a PERFECT Friday morning spike with a strong catalyst

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($12) loss FCEL Long Stock

Entry comments: Classic morning panic dip buy pattern, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce

Exit comments: No bounce so I'm out roughly breakeven, always worth a shot on these multi-day runners, but now harm no foul

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Ala Feb 21, 9:40 AM

Good work !!

SpartaTek9 Feb 21, 9:41 AM

Time to Give In To The Darkside Jedi, Sykes...1Love!

PocketPAT Feb 21, 9:43 AM

Nice catch of the dip though as it wasn't on your watch list! I saw it too on STT with the "% Off Open" feature. Love being self-sufficient, this is golden for specifically seeing dip buys from the opening bell. #EDGE

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($70) loss KNDI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this electric car marker that's spiking nicely on positive US news today, already hit the 8.30s, would love to sell back around there, be careful though it moves fast, dip buying is key here

Exit comments: No bounce, scary stock, cutting losses fast, rule #1, don't let small mistakes turn into potential big disasters

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Johnnorth Feb 20, 12:56 PM

As you said Cut Losses Quickly.

DanBreed Feb 20, 11:27 PM

Looking forward to my 1st trade soo

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$440 profit KHRNF Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this strong first green day play, nice multiday breakout OTC weed play, day high was in the 2.80s so I'd love to see it gap up/morning spike past that, ideally sell in the low 3s, but we'll see how it closes, I like buying on slight dip off the highs, lessens my risk in case any breakout fails

Exit comments: Zzzzzz premarket it was in the 3s, but by the time the market opened its basically just down a bit from yesterday so my intuition to sell into the failed big breakout yesterday was right, small overall gain on my remaining overnight position, be safe

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greybear1223 Feb 19, 4:32 PM

Will be watching this in the am to see what happens!

Johnnorth Feb 19, 7:16 PM

Nice to be safe. and still take profits.

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gregorymauter Feb 20, 10:41 AM

You are the best I bet lots of those people are thinking differently today.

HIMMENY Feb 21, 7:48 AM

lol the mining promoter coked out going wild

zaraza Feb 22, 8:41 PM

You're solid Tim. The interviewer tried so hard to take you out and got nowhere. Either he didn't understand or he was trying to gain clients.. You made him loo like a fool.. I love it.

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