Going through the video lessons on penny stock silver and I'm just amazed at how many of them have such few views. I understand the companies may no longer exist but the patterns are the lesson not the ticker, history repeats itself right @timothysykes ? Quit being lazy and study up people, or don't whine when you fail miserably!

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timothysykes Jul 05, 12:36 PM

LOL yup, too many people just want hot picks, they don't realize their odds of success go WAY up just by studying all the charts/lessons of the past!

Holdmytexan Jul 05, 1:58 PM

@timothysykes I mean lesson 209 & 210 has less than 3000 views? I know you've had more than 3000 subscribers to silver since 2011 right? Why waste the money if you're not going to use the tools?

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corey282 Jul 05, 8:54 PM

Focus on Multi-Day Runners Breaking out with Huge Volume Ignore One Day Failed Spikers - Will save you Immense Headaches, frustrations and thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

JackSkellington Jul 05, 10:10 PM

Fantastic webinar. I look forward to one day soon signing up for your options course. Cheers

RChen Jul 06, 1:02 AM

GREAT webinar!!! Thank you

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