Received 25 Karmas
doublej0103 Dec 11, 5:51 PM

I would prefer the dip buying strategy. I need to learn it ASAP

RWoody Dec 11, 5:55 PM

I would like to be good at front hand and backhand.

Tman19 Dec 11, 5:56 PM

I suck at morning dip buys. I short in the AM and usually only go long after 2pm. I didn’t short this one bc I saw the borrows weren’t too hard to find, I figured every short was looking at the daily and seeing 1 and done, and I didn’t want to hold short all day if I didn’t get a good enough entry and waste my buying power

DannyStoll Dec 11, 6:06 PM

Great video Tim! I’m a dip buyer, but I hope to learn to be profitable on the short side as well since a good trader should be able to use both forehand and backhand!

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