($150) loss TCCO Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bough this earnings winner that spiked into the 7s earlier, wanted to dip buy bigger position into bigger panic in the 4s, but seems to be holding the low 5s well, goal is to make 10-20% bounce, small position since its speculative

Exit comments: No bounce so I cut losses quickly, small losses are fine

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VeryBigMoney Dec 10, 4:20 PM

Tim do you use calculation of float rotations in your trades? Thanks.

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Bloodhound Dec 10, 10:57 AM

thx, Tim! took a little from CLVS but got scared out due to poor action. In @ 10.75 out @ 11.249. As you say, the bounce just didn't happen as expected. TRYING to practice better habits.

kondash4 Dec 10, 11:07 AM

Thanks Tim! Just took 85 cents/share on $TCCO. Appreciate all the help!

emilvisser Dec 10, 1:12 PM

Thanks Tim awesome call $TCCO, big % mover after your predicted squeeze. Great watchlist.

tommy888g Dec 10, 1:55 PM

Nice. I watched PTI yesterday for morning dipbuy... After breaking some rules on my first trade last Thursday 10000s on BNGO lost 5% I studied and watching right now.

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Do me a favor and review the http://tim.ly/jbook on Amazon after you've read it...and FYI this is a MUST READ book, it's not optional, it's a CRUCIAL read...it answers so many of the basics questions I get every day, please read ASAP and help you and I both lol

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$294 profit SPCE Long Stock

Entry comments: Beaten down stock with positive analyst news today, spiking on big volume early could be January Effect play the next few days, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share

Exit comments: Nice little win to start the week, not as big of a spike as I wanted, but not the best longterm chart, just a speculative end of the year spiker, will do video lesson on this and what the whole January Effect is and why it matters over the next few weeks, congrats to longs here, don't get greedy

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azwhupa Dec 09, 5:50 PM

Missed out, but it's kool, I'm not trading yet...

MHanapi Dec 09, 8:00 PM

I understand the catalyst is news. Am I correct to understand that the volume consider big since it more than 50000 in 1st minutes?

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