$759 profit AKLI Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this big spiker I posted in chat, solid data https://tim.ly/3T9YOMo lets see how far it can go, wanted it in the .50 range but it just spiked too fast, goal is to sell in the .60s or .70s

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush! Solid premarket spiker but now it looks like a double top at the key .70 level so I'll lock i my single safely as its hit my goals already. You NEED http://tim.ly/breaking3 as that's my secret weapon for finding big news like this early on then riding the wave as others find it

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Miked0220 Feb 26, 9:08 AM

How are you able to do this before the market is open?

MichaelAllen Feb 26, 9:10 AM

Didn’t get to it quick enough. I am going with Holo again, following XGPT suggested, entry which was $11.20 ( I got in at 11.17 only 20 shares)….good morning everyone and good morning and thank you Tim Sykes. I turned 47 today and I believe Glenn Peters was 47 when he became a challenge student, hope to replicate his good fortune with your guidance, tools, and help Tim S. 🤙🏻

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$420 profit HOLO Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative dip buy on this former runner off its premarket highs, I think it can run again since shorts are scared of it, goal is a 10-20% bounce, could be fast, hence why I dip buy

Exit comments: I got a little bounce but nothing truly huge like I wanted...maybe it goes more later, but I'm locking in this single just in case as premarket has now been weak the past 2 days in a row so its good to tone down aggression when the markets says so, potential rebuy on any big dip or breakout

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Conan Feb 26, 8:46 AM


emschwarm Feb 26, 8:54 AM

love it...day 3 live...18 hrs in the study over the weekend. now to watch live action and LEARN

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-$595 loss FRGT Long Stock

Entry comments: Early prermarket runner on this news https://tim.ly/49NZ2hD and premarket plays are hot again today so I'm up early and catching this on a nice dip off the highs in the high 3s

Exit comments: No bounce despite the big drop off the highs, cutting losses, gota be conservative premarket just in case as there's lots of fakeouts lately

tupuad Feb 26, 7:44 AM

Thank you Tim.

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