$200 profit LIVE Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting some here premarket as it could just collapse at the market open, goal is to cover in the 3s, but obviously be careful as it can squeeze as we saw Friday

Exit comments: Covered for puny profits, no big morning dump the way I wanted, will probly reshort later

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jollar May 26, 14 2:40 AM

LOL, I understand your frustrations with some people and why you're hard on them. Wow... some traders are just flat out idiots.

Flockstock Jul 13, 18 11:01 PM

Sell premarket if price action dictates, don't hold until open, don't short biotechs, big percent gainers, watchlist building, dont short randomly spiking stocks, short second spike not the first,

ZachR Oct 18, 18 1:35 PM

Fantastic thanks Tim

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Bmoney03 May 24, 14 5:29 PM

Thanks MGoode, learning learning learning.

Flockstock Jul 22, 17 11:24 PM

Black candlesticks - closes below the open, but still up on the day .... Trade on offer. Shows up green... Trade on bid it shows up red .... Or red on doe tick green on tick white In the middle.... If you hide size it can take longer to et filled ... It only fills unbidden size then other orders fill , the rest of your hidden size goes to the bottom of the list

ZachR Oct 18, 18 10:17 PM

Fantastic Thanks Mr.Goode

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