$31,252 profit MEDL Long Stock

Entry comments: I've found the holy grail, thanks to this PR yesterday http://tim.ly/1dP0F09 of a mobile video app "Hang W/" passing 1 million downloads in 9 months, faster than TWTR, FB, Pinterest, 4Square, also have a Google Glass app they debuted at CES 2 weeks ago http://tim.ly/1aL3dGT their CEO broadcast from Google HQ last week & new PR firm http://tim.ly/1edyeUJ just a $12 mil company, this could spike 2-3x given Instagram-like growth, not much risk dip buying at lows, short/longterm, full report coming

Exit comments: Sold the rest as I don't like these walls of sellers, bounced a bit off its lows today, but gotta play it safe...SOOOO glad I sold the majority of my position on the double top late yesterday...no matter how much you love a stock, you HAVE to respect price action/tops and breakouts

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trevind Jan 22, 14 2:48 PM

I start the Challenge in two weeks. Cannot wait!

Rufus91 Jan 22, 14 3:41 PM

@ 2SiK, I wanted to make sure I did not buy this while the stock was trending down. I do not know level 2 well yet but know it will better indicate where the stock is going for the short term

MiniMarkCuban Sep 11, 18 7:36 AM

Nice research!!! studying, studying, studying...

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$1,216 profit VISN Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the dip, goal is to make $2-3/share, wanted more size

Exit comments: Woooo what a rush, I put in my limit order to sell and it just triggered so quick...glad I sent that premarket text to say buy this on the dip, easy pickings, could go more but I'm happy with this profit

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jackkal Jan 22, 14 1:53 PM

Always Take PROFITS

AustinG Feb 02, 14 5:06 PM

Hes got good at looking for the top!

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$2,309 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: Added to my longterm position given the price action, not sure if its upcoming news, what the CEO said in a presentation late last week which message boards are hyping possible Tesla deal or weekend Seeking Alpha article, all I know this company has deal with 2 multi-billion dollar companies, it's a potential January Effect play and has tons of support down in the .28-.29 range so if I'm wrong I lose a penny or two, if right, this could jump 10-15 cents/share, good risk/reward

Exit comments: 20% profits in an hour on a speculative trade I'll take...still might re-buy, but this is a choppy stock and I'll look to re-buy low and sell high...still holding onto longterm position as I dont want to miss out any potential news

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$2,065 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: This has been on my radar for a while given their deals with 2 multi-billion dollar companies, apparently they presented to a small group in Detroit late last week, and there's some serious buying this morning so whatever they said was good, message boards are hyping a potential deal with Tesla...I'm risking losing a few cents/share if I'm wrong, but I want to be invested in this BEFORE any big news comes out and the stock is way down

Exit comments: They just did a financing at .17 and will issue more shares...this is a contradiction to their last conference call saying they didn't need to do this, with the overall stock market falling and possible crash coming, I'm playing it safe here and going 100% all cash. I don't like companies that lie to investors and I've given this one plenty of time...will look to re-buy on any good news/volume, but most likely this fades to the .17 area

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lanef248 Jan 21, 14 4:56 PM

Disclaimer: Semi-NOOB, becoming more experienced. Got in @ Noon CST on 2,000 shares of LQMT based on your last position and a general optimism toward the tech sector this morning . I wonder if we will see another morning sell off similar to the one following the break out on Jan 7? Also contemplating an early morning short

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