(7.99) NET LOSS $AMPE - LONG POSITION 100 Entry: 2.90 --- Trade execution poor, I'm blind STT took my level 2. This is trading blindly without the level2, trying to be a sniper without a target guide. Exit: 3.02 -- This is a profit but because of broker commission $9.99 per trade. I am now on track but the LEVEL2 is taken out without warning even if I paid already until the 15th. There should have been respect with the users. I'm Learning already @timsykes @timothysykes thanks, but the STT service sucks. Respect to users should be there. @tbohen

TimeFliesBuy Jan 03, 18 2:31 AM

You already contact STT support? Complaining about it here isn't going to do you much good man, and if you want respect you need to show respect instead of saying things suck and tagging people whom you feel are responsible for your issues.

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