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OceanRider Sep 14, 16 5:56 AM

I had the same issue on a QQQ yesterday. I generally use a combination of bollinger bands and Fibonacci extensions to get my targets and SL. I am going to try to apply the same introspect you did. Thanks for the insight.

OceanRider Sep 14, 16 6:09 AM

One thing I like to do is use Fib Extn to know exactly what % I expect o make before I get into a trade. Sometimes I cut shortly but having a # I can see, set in advance helps.

OceanRider Sep 14, 16 6:28 AM

One last thing, I look at eliminating losses as a way to increase my return eliminating the need for the grandslams. I'll take singles over and over rather than mix in strikeouts and homeruns.Singles (no Strikeouts) are where it is at for me.

traderscentral23 Sep 14, 16 9:26 AM

I'm still learning about Fib extensions, currently I use keltner channels, RSI and Fast Stochastic

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