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PocketPAT Aug 04, 19 1:54 PM

It also rubbed me the wrong way after watching it a while back. Very disrespectful and dishonest in my opinion. There really seems to be no apparent reason for it, but life goes on.

pavi Aug 23, 19 4:38 AM

@Chopper_Trader Thanks for introducing us to Tom Vu. He is my new role model and guru for life!!!

reverselong Sep 30, 19 5:44 AM

yea its pretty weird considering that tims library helped him out im sure.

sarimanap Apr 08, 10:44 PM

Yeah, me too. I saw Tim’s interviewed Steven Dux and he said he learned so much from challenge program, but not once he mentioned or credit Tim Sykes or Tim Grittani. That’s weird

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LADONEGRO Jan 25, 19 2:27 AM

sooo cool, congratulations !!!! happy 4 you man, hope see you soon in the chat!!!

asfricksrs Jan 25, 19 6:49 AM

Congratulations Chopper life changing event for you - nothing better holding hope in your arms - your wisdom will be heard by another generation !!

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@xnoobiex just became a fully transparent trader today!

GypsyTrader Apr 13, 19 12:53 PM

Hi noobie. Let me tell you something. With 750 trades I am not a beginner. I have grossed 85K and left 2/3 on the table. I have also lost 76K throughtout the process. Do you think that is fun. No. But I am like a cage fighter that can turn in one instant. That is how this game is. I am discouraged most of the time but know my skill is really really excellent. I just need to work on keeping the money. That is a problem but not so bad. Be meticulous and show me how to trade!

GypsyTrader Apr 14, 19 9:43 AM

I spent one year developing a trading platform that Tim Sykes has influenced me on. Just by trial and error. He has the best idea for any trader because it is adaptable for any trading lifestyle.

GypsyTrader Apr 14, 19 10:50 AM

Stocks to trade is the best so you don't have to do the massive work. He did It for you.

traycrayzay Apr 15, 19 10:11 AM

@GypsyTrader Wow you are like a seasoned soldier, I'm excited for you, you will be the next millionaire student for sure! XD

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