Amazing Profits today! about $3,150! with WIMI and a very fast Short on PSV I will post the profits tomorrow. I recuperated all my losses in less than a week. Gotta stay focused and very very patient! @timothysykes coming for you! hahaha jk :D

junpasion Jul 10, 20 4:52 PM

I lost big with PSV. I still really don't know when to get in. But then, it's a part of the learning process.

Michelino12 Jul 10, 20 5:24 PM

@junpasion I actually didn't look at this stock at all until 3.30 pm which I clearly saw that it was overbought and about to dump So I took an immediate action to short it for only 10 cents but I knew it was going to go even further down. But yeah, learning is the key!

trisjace Jul 11, 20 1:43 PM

how much had you paid to borrowed fees, and commissions? Is this a net P/L? and Which broker are you using brother?

Michelino12 Jul 12, 20 1:12 PM

@trisjace I only spend about 400$ on borrowing fees for both stocks together.

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