$375 profit WLDS Long Stock

Entry comments: One more try with this volatile play as it just got to the 1.50s and i'm buying it on a dip off its highs...lots of shorts so this can still spike, goal is to make 5-10%, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Another nice little bounce, but nothing huge huge and after my big EFTR loss I'm in no mood to be too aggressive...just gonna focus on trading small and safe, big walll of sellers at 1.45 so I'm not sure this can even get back to the 1.50s

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roadwayguy May 26, 23 11:30 AM

I did good on this trade, thank you!

tupuad May 26, 23 5:26 PM

Thanks Tim.

BabyBoomerTrades May 26, 23 11:09 PM

I was watching the chart and saw it happen when you sent the text, Thank You

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$1,182 profit RSHN Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying this big morning spiker off its highs, I'd love to see it get to the .00s or .008s, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Nice little winner to start the week, OTCs are back and strong, congrats to all longs here, solid, just not gonna get greedy, taking my single

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tupuad Jun 07, 21 9:55 AM

Good work!

billhamlet Jun 07, 21 12:41 PM

Awesome profit in less than 10 mins. That’s a fine example of preparation meeting opportunity!! Thanks for sharing Tim! 👍🏾

LABAN_PILIPINAS Jun 08, 21 8:53 AM

Why RSHN now dated June 08 has dropping down during pre market at 8:15am EST for an OTC, is it possible?

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Please congratulate Evan on this achievement https://tim.ly/2ReK9SI and retweet him for passing $500,000 in profits today!

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tupuad Apr 30, 21 10:25 AM

Yes Praise the Lord for your achievement. Congratulations, Hope to be following you soon

subduling08 Aug 28, 22 12:54 PM

Evan, this is blowing me away so there is only one thing to day man... CONGRATULATIONS INDEED... WHOA..

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$1,934 profit RETC Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on th late day breakoute here, goal is to profit 10-20%, not sure if I'll hold overnight, doubtful, cut losses if this breakout attempt fails

Exit comments: Whewwwww, beautiful late day breakout here, not gonna risk it overnight, solid single here, best trade of the day for me

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Windwalzer Apr 26, 21 6:21 PM

Very nice b/o in the afternoon. Especially with the $SPY and $QQQ dumping and bouncing. Thank you.

tupuad Apr 26, 21 7:33 PM

Praise the Lord!

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