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Jboogg Dec 01, 16 8:33 PM

@Palmer I was able to find the "shares" column no problem. I did a bit of comparing and the shares must be the shares outstanding, not the float. I compared a few tickers on TOS, STT and Yahoo Finance just to be sure. Interestingly, STT had slightly different shares and even prices than that of TOS and Yahoo. Maybe it's just after hours issues, but still interesting.

veganbullish Dec 02, 16 4:18 PM

I'm reproducing the same for STT... for the 5% change at least, TOS use the value when the market open (9:30 the same day) or the previous day close? For example $SGY today, if it's the opening it'll not pop on the scan, if it's the previous day close it will... Thx.

Palmer Dec 03, 16 9:26 PM

It should use the % change for the day..remember it is looking for the 1 hour bar to be lower than the previous 1hr bar. If the current 1hr bar is greater than 1hr bar those stocks will not show up.

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