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cidguy Mar 02, 18 10:45 PM

Some gold here, I even wrote down the portion about "the code" in my notebook. Thank you for taking the time to help us all

cidguy Mar 02, 18 10:46 PM

Do you use Twitter?

vootz77 Mar 03, 18 11:03 AM

Awesome ! Thx Craig, see you in chatroom =D

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vootz77 Feb 25, 18 1:49 PM

... and again excellent post - thx bro =D

SKYisDLimit Feb 25, 18 3:02 PM

You speak the truth... Well Said!

ScottWright Feb 17, 22 6:04 AM

You've well explained the trading all about it's issues. Trading is one of the few professions where a majority of your active career will be spent away from the action. The poker mindset is something that every poker player will have to go through. However, psychology makes up about 90% of trading results for certain and from this site you can get to know how many lines I should play on a slot machine. The game is har

LukeMaitland May 06, 22 7:19 AM

Scalpers are people who buy tickets for an event and then sell them on at a higher price. Scalpers can make a lot of money by buying up all the tickets to an event and selling them on at a higher price.

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Craigtradesthis Feb 14, 18 3:34 PM

@RookieTrader1 Yea so much oppurtunity on this today. Nice job.

vootz77 Feb 15, 18 5:16 AM

That was me, i guess - excellent explanation. Thank you very much =D

DM4BigD Feb 15, 18 7:35 PM

Your a great teacher. This was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Craigtradesthis Feb 16, 18 4:04 PM

@GrihAm3nt4L Good time chatting with you. Looking forward to more

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Craigtradesthis Feb 10, 18 9:18 AM

that allow me to make a few grand without risking over a grand.....and I'm trading for a living so its hard to just say "wait for the good plays" and "don't trade everyday".

maherc12 May 17, 18 4:02 PM

I have found that trading only the stocks with big volume and volitility is best. When the bollanger bands go vertical, big volume comes in and price is pushing above the 9 EMA, trading is fun. Good book- The Trading Book by Anne-Marie Baiynd a pro tading coach. I have been struggling with poor entries, so I am playing only the best setups.

EmilyMorris Jan 28, 22 3:25 PM

You can depend on the best resume writers - in the market to get the job done. When I first started collecting information, it was difficult for me to evaluate whether or not the material I was obtaining was useful. There are a lot of individuals who want executive resumes, but only a tiny number of them can afford to engage a team of professional resume writers that have years of expertise in the business. With so many resume writing services available, it may be di

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kikibee Dec 08, 17 3:29 AM

Don't take it personally guys. Check out the 4 agreements by Miguel Ruiz. We got other things to think about than the self haters. Like water off a duck's back !!!

Noble1222 Dec 09, 17 6:59 AM

testimony to your character here good friend - only "met" you thru being in the room and reading this. look forward to trading with you, the pack and seeing us all improve our lives.

Torkers Dec 12, 17 5:40 PM

Real Nice post! This is so correct

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aaronmizellam Jun 27, 22 12:45 PM

Take Some Profits along the Way!! Your Perseverance and Diligence Will be the Road to Your Improvement and Success!!! Thanks Rolland appreciate you keeping it real and taking the Time to be a Great Dad as well as a great Trader!

brandonkoy Dec 13, 22 8:28 PM

Intraday perk pattern. Awesome trade. Great msg from Dan and great quote from Soros at the end.

parvitrade Feb 28, 2:52 AM

Thanks Ronald . Great video and last good motivation

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@Ganoe just became a fully transparent trader today!

vootz77 Apr 30, 20 11:49 AM

Saw you moaning about STT in a chatroom. You're right. Last friday i've cancelled my subscription after 3 years. Got really fed up with issues. I like the charting thou but that doesn't justify a purchase of $1700 + a year. Go with or sth else which isn't STT. Best REgards

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