Received 28 Karmas
newhope5025 May 26, 12:09 AM

Great post & very interesting comment!! About staying discipline on the process............ " That is going to win you the WAR vs Battle"............... I never thought about these both terms that deeply, now I realize I am busy with my little "STREET FIGHTS" with my 1 month experience of trading. I feel like a new recruit as a Roman soldier for the roman Emperor who can't hold the sword properly yet but with proper training and discipline approach can only prepare me for the Battle & War. Pic

newhope5025 May 26, 12:12 AM

Picked up few more technical golden nuggets here too. Thank you for the post.

ArtOfWar May 30, 5:06 PM

@AAlmujahid no. The lion and FB normally show the same tickers but might be off by 2 or 3. For the sake of the video time I just didn’t pull up.

owlbanks Jun 17, 12:54 AM

Thanks. Loving these insightful videos!

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