@raquel2904 what broker do you use ? And how much money do you start with ? I see that you trade mostly options, is it because of less risk ?

raquel2904 Jun 15, 15 9:32 PM

I use Td Ameritrade, I trade options because I like, it is less risky for me! I started with $2000, in the beggining of May! :-)

weszonsz Jun 29, 15 11:01 PM

I also have Td Ameritrade, awesome ! I also start with 2000 dollar. You only watched the 'How to make millions DVD' ? You have really good first month!

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@The_Peoples_Champ Do you've an account with finviz because if you want to see into the intraday, i need to upgrade it?

The_Peoples_Champ May 28, 15 9:31 PM

You can look for finviz highest% gainers/ screener without login. My primary source for finding new intraday highest% gainers stocks is TheLion.com.

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