Received 2 Karmas
xbows Sep 26, 17 4:59 PM

Try StocksToTrade scanner software - it lists alerts pretty much in real time with the ticker's charts. Also, a fresh catalyst isn't necessary for a stock to run. Price action + volume are what you're looking for, even if the catalyst is 3 days old. I bought the $IZEA dip in the morning at $5.87 and sold into the push above $6.30 for over 8%, then bought again when it broke through resistance above $6.75 and sold near HoD. Don't worry about what Tim says to do or not do. He's a good starting po

xbows Sep 26, 17 5:01 PM

point but he's not always right (none of us are). Study chart patterns and learn to trade what makes sense to you. StT paper trading module is an EXCELLENT way to learn how to trade, as well as how NOT to trade.

RBI Sep 26, 17 11:34 PM

I think you put in your time, did your research, calculated your risk/reward and had a good spot to cut losses. It was well played!! Yes, buying a stock that is up from $2 to $6 in just three days is risky, but you had a plan. If you had just jumped on board without your well thought out plan then I would agree you got lucky, but that wasn't the case for you. Well done!

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