@Turbobob Would appreciate your thoughts on this. I've been trading for 8 months now. I know the setups I like to trade and am good at recognizing them and good at trading them properly. But I have one big problem: I regularly take BAD trades impulsively. All my knowledge goes out the window at the worst times and I enter a horrible trade and lose big, like I did today. Afterwards I can look at the chart and easily see that it was a horrible, impulsive trade, but for some frustrating reason I CANNOT seem to stop myself from taking them, because I don't seem to pause before entering and make a good decision. I don't know if it's FOMO or something else, but it is killing my account. I'm now down about $18k and will soon have to quit because I'm just digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself each day. For now I've gone back to trading 100 shares at a time to limit my losses while I work on my discipline, but if you have any thoughts on what I can do to STOP taking trades that I KNOW BETTER than to take, I would REALLY appreciate your insight. Thank you in advance!

xbows Jan 05, 18 6:33 PM

@Turbobob Thanks, that's helpful. I do have a list of criteria and rules on a spreadsheet on my second monitor, but sometimes I fail to look at it and then I usually get in trouble. My wife thinks I should just quit, because if I haven't gotten it by now, after 8 months and $18k gone, I probably won't ever get it in her opinion. Anyway, thanks.

Turbobob Jan 05, 18 6:36 PM

One day it clicks.

susu001 Mar 27, 21 3:58 AM

what platforms do you trade for pennystocks

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