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Craigtradesthis Jan 18, 18 6:30 PM

My freaking dude right here.....I'm giving you a follow because if more people took the time to read your post and reflect like you do, there would be a lot more success here. My trading day was exactly what you outlined here. I started off with my watchlist/analyzed charts for the day. Did my homework like I should have. Bought two fakeout breakouts this morning...I was down but satisfied because I executed my plan. Fast foreward two hours...Its 11AM and I'm ignoring my rule I have in place not

Craigtradesthis Jan 18, 18 6:33 PM

not to day trade between 11-2 unless the setup is great with volume. I started scalping over and over again.....End of day results the same as if I didnt trade at all between 11-2 only instead I'm exhausted....

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