Received 15 Karmas
Ana Jan 26, 18 4:24 AM

@Turbobob As a very beginner, I learned the basics: rumors are scary for playing long and very good for shorts. And you very nicely played long here. What's behind your decision process in this case? Thank you, your videos are priceless!

Turbobob Jan 26, 18 5:22 PM

Price action and a hot sector are the two main ideas here. By the way, follow my on Twitter if you like @turbobob129 as I post stuff there as well.

Ana Jan 27, 18 1:55 AM

Thank! Started following you there as well.

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Received 13 Karmas
Kerry57 Jan 07, 18 10:34 AM

Great video Bob, thank you. I was in at 3.09 but got distracted at work and missed the initial spike to 3.88, then got scared out for a small gain long before it went supernova. Couldn't get back in because I was out of day trades--very frustrating. Question: are you still using SureTrader and if so have you had any execution or availablity issues? Thanks again!

dpacer22 Jan 15, 18 7:06 PM

another good vid Bob, just letting you know that there is a lot of echoing going on in your audio. sounds like you are trapped in a box

Turbobob Jan 15, 18 8:05 PM

Happens sometimes. But thanks for the heads up

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kroyrunner May 12, 18 6:59 PM

@BullishBearishTrader in most cases i prefer to take most size early and keep avg comfortable. for the biggest opportunities where i feel sure that it's "done", i will size in along the way still though and move risk levels

Willbee_Rich Jul 01, 18 11:12 AM

Great Patience...Thanks for the insight

zaraza Jan 20, 19 2:41 PM

Thanks Tim..

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Received 19 Karmas
nicojamesg Jul 24, 17 6:36 PM

You are the man thanks Tim love your teaching you make it so easy to understand. Sound quality was fine on this btw lol

YPFF Jul 24, 17 7:03 PM

Thank you for sharing Tim. It was great to be able to see how to short the front side of the move, using VWAP as an indicator as well as when to stay in the trade, in spite it going a bit against you and when to cover into the next dip.

zaraza Jan 20, 19 2:04 PM

Thanks Tim.. Nice trade.

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Received 16 Karmas
RWoody Sep 22, 18 9:44 PM

That was great. Thank you for sharing.

zaraza Jan 20, 19 1:49 PM

Thanks Tim. Awesome talk. Very good insight and advice.

Buckers Jun 06, 5:19 AM

Content didn't play?

stocksandstuff1 Jun 06, 1:26 PM

I just tried it and it worked, but if it doesn’t for you, just go to YouTube and search 2016 Orlando conference speech and it should come up in the results.

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Received 20 Karmas
GUAMillionaire Jul 19, 17 7:41 PM

"Irritating morning loss and I'm gonna try and learn some lessons from it." I'm dealing with newbie frustrations; encouraging to hear your great attitude about your loss. Thanks, TG!

eldorado7 Jul 19, 17 8:27 PM

Thanks again cant wait till you do one when you go long

zaraza Jan 20, 19 12:20 PM

Thank You Tim..

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TwoBob Dec 29, 18 6:49 AM

Is ti not useful to know who these guru are that are leading there following into trades like these so we can track and explute this like you managed here. Thank you for sharing with us tim

zaraza Jan 20, 19 10:42 AM

Thank You Tim

redwagonrider Jul 31, 19 2:55 PM

I will not chase Guru Trade Alerts. I will watch, study, analyze, make a plan, and iterate

Buckers Jun 06, 4:31 AM

Great info, thankfully I can say following alerts is something I have never done or will do as I intend to be self sufficient, thanks Tim

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Nice work Garret. Been watching you trade for awhile now. Very impressive logic. I'm also in the challenge and would love to see your strategies. Thankx Budz.

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@kowality8 thanks for karma. i got muted an hour for what i said

zaraza Apr 10, 17 4:18 PM

That's Ok Josh. You have to be careful who's toes you step on. It's called being politically fucking correct. Something I have had to work extremely hard at understanding. You did nothing wrong.

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Sizzleterry Jan 16, 17 11:51 AM

I really love your post and I do thank you for sharing!

aahindigo Jun 14, 5:37 PM

Hi there, thanks for this advice its very clear and succinct. I'm a newbee at this and haven't traded yet but trying to earn whilst my a/c is being set up by IB.

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zaraza Jan 07, 17 9:42 AM

I see you are taking bhigger positions.Bigger gains but bigger risk. Worth it imo.

Turbobob Jan 07, 17 9:54 AM

It is my goal this year to take bigger size. 2k - 3k shares per trade to start with.

Turbobob Jan 07, 17 9:54 AM

Slow and steady wins the race.

zaraza Apr 07, 17 4:29 PM

well you are a very disciplined trader and it shows.

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Lincoln_Hawk Jan 07, 17 11:09 AM

Nice trade Bob. I've been trying to identify the best "exit price" for runners. I frequently see this price on a 1 minute candle that has a long top wick with a much larger than avg volume bar. It's then time to exit on the next candle. Any thoughts?

Turbobob Jan 07, 17 11:14 AM

The formation you refer to is either a shooting start or grave stone. Both bearish.

Lincoln_Hawk Jan 07, 17 11:45 AM

@Turbobob Thanks for the link. I'm going to study it further. Maximizing profitable trades is an issue that I want to improve.

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bank_a_tronic Dec 28, 16 12:14 PM

Peter Schiff says that "The reality of $20 tn in US debt and a 104% debt-to-GDP ratio will make Trump's stimulus plan unlikely: " -it is always good to see many angles as the chart patterns do not lie as the TV pundits try to...

Turbobob Dec 28, 16 12:41 PM

Well, one us will be right....

SurferSue Dec 31, 16 3:41 PM

Perceptions often count more than reality in the market. A little stimulus like in Nov can go a long way.

Turbobob Dec 31, 16 3:47 PM

Every time. It is the psychology of participants swinging through fear and greed.

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