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Latest Trades

Here is what is currently happening.
-$206 Loss
BMRLong Stock

In at $14.30 for what started as a nice dip and rip and went south fast . Out the next day at $11.36 for a $205 loss. Have to stop bag holding here when it goes south.


-$68 Loss
SEEDShort Stock

Another reclaim.


$20 Profit
QQQLong Option

A continuation play into the closing rally as the market anticipates NVDA earnings. This was going to be a holdover anticipating a gap up tomorrow, but up over 60% on a trade and hoping for a unicorn just didn't seem like responsible trading.



Entry comments: Speculative dip buy as it cracked the key support of 5, but not much more, I think it can still squeeze, goal is to sell into a bounce in the 5s, shorts get too over-aggressive lately, cut losses if no bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, got a little bounce but nothing much and now its failing so just taking my small gains to protect, probly needs more panic before it becomes a better dip buy, but I like the idea given how much strength there is every penny lower


$145 Profit
QQQLong Option

Solid win based off VPA and market awareness. Entered the $423 call at the breakout over $422 with volume and market supporting it going into the close with anticipation of NVDA earnings and market rally. Got out at the resistance level of $424.50


$2 Profit
ICULong Stock

XGPT pick. I entered at the entry point. Goal was to exit 1.76 with a SL at 1.38. It dropped prior to 9:45 but I saw this usually runs in the afternoon. I looked at the premarket high of 1.50 and based my decision to stay in off of that plus it tends to go up after 1pm. There was low volume today so I sold.