LegionJan 15, 16 3:16 PM

Great Five Lesson Friday! Thank you so much for taking the time to make these!

digitalsoftailJan 15, 16 3:17 PM

5 Lesson Friday-- Great Lesson, Thanks Tim!

FLYDADY1Jan 15, 16 3:18 PM

Great 5 lesson Love #5 as a new challenge student. As market tanked watched webinars 😈

traderzjourneyJan 15, 16 3:46 PM

Thanks, appreciate you teaching and motivation!! Love watching you work with the smaller accounts, its so helpful! Also, 2nd day using STT...its awesome!!

1CharioteerJan 15, 16 3:57 PM

Excellent video once again. So glad I will be grandfathered in at the current annual penny stocking silver rate! You are an excellent teacher, and I am glad you are choosing quality over quantity!!!!Thank you!

bank_a_tronicJan 15, 16 3:57 PM

LOL You smack them gently with 10k! ;)) We love these 5 lessons Fridays, Tim and are mad grateful that you are so dedicated as well. 599 stocks in the NYSE hit 52 week lows and only 3 hit 52 week highs-Market is down over 1,400 points this year and you are seriously banking HARD & showing us how to do it! LOVE IT! #dedicatedtothyecore #wontstopstudying #obsessedwithbankingatprofitly #millionairegirls #girls@profitly

FatherDamienJan 15, 16 4:01 PM

Dear Tim. New student. Watched a ton of your videos. I get the volatility and the liquidity part of your teachings. However I still don't know how you are making your picks. I want to be self sufficient and do my own research. I hear you keep saying you spotted this -PreMarket. Where do I go to see pre market movers and what are you looking for.

FatherDamienJan 15, 16 4:09 PM

I ordered the DVD two weeks ago and still not recieved. I contacted missy customer support. Hopefully I'll get it soon. Thanks for replying so soon

Hashminaved7867Jan 15, 16 4:16 PM

Are you gonna raise the price even if you are old sub to sliver penny stock

timothysykesJan 15, 16 4:18 PM

@Hashminaved7867 no, existing subscribers are grandfather din at current prices, increase just applies to new students starting next week

TradingSpikeJan 15, 16 4:49 PM

Wow! I'm Very humbled and honoured Tim. Thank you. I wish ALL coaches/teachers were as inspiring, knowledgeable and as transparent as you. You've made my month and weekend. On to the next trade now. Have an awesome weekend with your family being an extended weekend and all:)

DrinkmanJan 15, 16 4:54 PM

thank you Tim, had a great $BSI paper trade today due to being out of day in at 5.02 overnight, out at 6.58 2K shares, then went short 2K shares at 6.52, got scared and covered at 6.24 since its a Friday. made abt $3900, one of my best trades to day, its ok it that it was on paper, practice makes perfect

come77077Jan 15, 16 5:11 PM

Great one Tim!! Thanks!

Z_Rob92Jan 15, 16 5:25 PM

Thanks again, Tim! Learning a lot with each video/article/blog post. Really appreciate it.

RBGnL67Jan 15, 16 5:25 PM

@FatherDamien ck y-r dashboard under DVD. U probably can stream it. It's what I do

PieJan 15, 16 5:26 PM

Why not adding more money? Learned to early that with less than 25k you have only 3 day trades each 5 days.... That sucks, I've missed so many plays this week because of it... Just 1 example KBIOQ at 1, that was awesome and very risky, but I would be comfortable buying 300 shares... But didn't play because I'm trying to save my 3 trades... Then it went to 5, that's 1.2K.

smillie327Jan 15, 16 10:01 PM

Can't tell you how A-MAZ-ING Penny Stocking really is... This lesson sure drives the point home...on a day when the markets are absolutely crashing and the market is down 10% from 2016's beginning...with penny stocks...VHC.LEI.BSI.CDRB... there are 4 great stock opportunities to bank even still plus swing trade and dip buy off the morning spike on CDRB TO BOOT! How Awesome is this!

jtrader340Jan 15, 16 10:03 PM

@1Charioteer I am on the month to month billing, will the price go up? I'm in Canada the 99$ subscription is already 145.00 up here just curious

ephillips5Jan 15, 16 10:33 PM

AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. Tim the tone of your voice alone shows how serious you are about others learning this stuff!

ChasJan 15, 16 10:41 PM

awesome!!! watch and learn then do the best play. Thnx Tim

HaydenHJan 16, 16 1:37 AM

Missed this trading day today, can't wait to get back to it Monday. Until then, Study guys, as much as you can.

AashJan 16, 16 9:01 AM

Great Lessons,Thanks Tim,

topronJan 16, 16 4:34 PM


Ems_traderJan 16, 16 8:21 PM

Great lesson.. Thanks again!

MeguJan 17, 16 2:03 AM

thank you

SimonSJan 17, 16 11:32 AM

Loving the 5 Lesson Fridays, thanks Tim

BrokeMechanicJan 17, 16 11:04 PM

@timothysykes Tim, i want to start showing all my trades but i don't see my broker (optionshouse) on the list? Im going to be switching over eventually to Etrade pro but was already trading with OP when i started learning from you. is there a way to link optionshouse?

mbsdadJan 18, 16 12:21 AM

watched and learning!!

littlemoneyJan 22, 16 6:34 PM

Tim,Thank you for another great lesson and your continued hard work and dedication. I Value your mentorship!

STickerDec 15, 16 7:45 AM

Gym is a great analogy! Getting on track, having small gains and TRAINING GOOD HABITS! - than I can size up!

1960KileJun 09, 17 3:54 PM

TY! 5 Lesson Friday on Friday, 6/9/2017

healthyprofits8Jun 15, 17 7:10 PM

1 step at a time, easier than you think to turn 1k into 10k, 10k into 100k, 100k into 1m . You Can start small... and should.. develop good habits and strategy

trugreenJun 27, 17 5:12 PM

5 Lesson Friday...!!! Great Lesson, Thanks Tim

LevroneJul 20, 17 5:18 AM

Thanks Tim

TimeFliesBuyJul 22, 17 7:29 AM

lol dang you might as well have made that sale for the entire year lol.

HaywardAug 25, 17 3:24 AM

Thanks Tim!

MachinistradesSep 24, 17 9:42 PM

Excellent video, great information on building a small account that translates over to bigger accounts as well. Trade the set ups that you would feel guilty for missing!

lauraavilaJan 30, 18 2:35 PM

Great video thanks :)

axlkOct 23, 18 12:46 PM

Thanks Tim

axlkApr 26, 19 1:24 PM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Jul 13, 19 3:21 PM

Video watched. Thanks Tim.

JonathanIParraOct 01, 19 3:00 PM

thanks tim , i love these morning spikers and focus on volatile plays and the longer the better

HenryCraigMar 12, 20 9:32 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

didixiuJul 15, 21 12:04 AM

Thank you Tim.

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