We built Profitly as a way to introduce measurement, accountability, transparency and data-driven optimization into the trading world.

Our inspiration came from Timothy Sykes trying to help his students trade better when he realized detailed performance data helps people focus on what works best for them thus making them more profitable.

Profitly co-founder Michael Mosseri built the platform that took the guesswork out of traders being able to data mine their statistics and increase their performance through Guru teachers.

While Tim is obsessed with transparency at Profit.ly we realize that industry regulations as well concerns over stock manipulation sometimes prevent some of our members and affiliates from sharing all information openly at all times. In fact, for our users we added the ability to create private profiles so those traders and investors may still benefit from the added analytics with the comfort of total account privacy. While we prefer complete transparency we understand that there are instances where our members and affiliates require or desire anonymity.

We will continue adding features and members as we sincerely believe that our services overall will help make investors and traders more profitable through learning, analysis and skill building rather than the overwhelming mistakes the online financial world makes by focusing on breaking news, "hot stocks" and simplistic fundamentals analysis in order to drive website traffic.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about Profit.ly; the more traders and investors, the more knowledgeable and profitable our community becomes.