Affiliate Program

How does it work?

When someone subscribes to any of the Profitly premium newsletters using your affiliate link you earn a commission. The commission is 30% of the subscription price and you get paid every month they keep it. You also get 30% of any annual subscriptions. For any of the Profitly statistics packages, the commission is 50%.

Your affiliates must subscribe within 60 days from the initial visit of the affiliate link. We abide by basic affiliate rules, so the first affiliate to tag the visitor keeps them for 60 days.

You can view your earning on our real time dashboard for affiliates.


Payments are made monthly by direct deposit once you reach the $100 minimum. When your balance exceeds $100 for the first time you will be contacted by our team to arrange your payment details. For any questions regarding your payments, please contact us.

You cannot purchase products for yourself under your own affiliate.

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