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Nice Gain buying it on a morning dip


$45 Profit
TSNPLong Stock

early exit no bounce


$21 Profit
RIOTLong Stock

Listed dip and rip. Spiked into the open and then pulled back and looked like it was going to b/o over HOD. Entered with tight risk 2% trailing stop loss and got stopped out with a small gain. Was on right track, but needed wider risk to avoid getting stopped out.


-$171 Loss
OZSCLong Stock
-$12 Loss
SRMXLong Stock

looking for a breakout from consolidation. Should have waited for it to prove itself. Got out quickly when I realised I was wrong.


-$20 Loss
AABBLong Stock
$48 Profit
SANPLong Stock

FGD Breakout nice little flip w small size

-$15 Loss
LTNCLong Stock

failed all time bo. cut losses quickly;


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