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Posted: Dec 08, 12:40 AM/

learning to be more patient and calm

Posted: Dec 08, 12:22 AM/

Not overly spectacular performance from my entry. Not going to hold overnight as it is already up and history shows only a day or 2 of spike. I will take the win.

Posted: Dec 07, 3:55 PM

Entry comments: Shorted SGY at 7.09. Midday short which I dont like doing and am trying to stop doing but this is looking very weak. Its green on the day but made a nice h+s pattern and also a double top. Wanted to short at 7.20 but needed confirmation that it was going to drop. I think this bounce from yesterdays gap down could be near over but always a chance of more squeezing. Risk is 7.30. Its making lower lows and i think it will test g/r. If it cracks theres a lot of downside!

Exit comments: Covered SGY at 6.92. It did exactly as planned and went red and dropped to 6.75. I didnt cover due to taking my lunch break which was dumb. It bounced and tested r/g but so far failed. I covered at the bounce peak mainly due to the overall market exploding to new highs. Pretty unreal. Im actually surprised SGY isnt squeezing. I probably coulda been more patient but i dont want to risk it. Right now buying is the way to go. Still a nice little gain.

Posted: Dec 07, 11:53 AM

Entry comments: This is a trading signal generated by an Algo. This is not a buy or sell alert recommendation. Educational Algo alert. Trade your own thoughts. Buy signal by X3 =2198.75(E-Mini S&P500 = @ESZ16)

Exit comments: Sell Signal Generated For X3. Exiting long position.

Posted: Nov 30, 6:04 PM/$

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