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($15) Loss
FRANLong Stock

Cut losses quickly



No worries really was just a dumb mistake by closing the position

($96) Loss
FFHLLong Stock

Entry comments: didn't stick to the plan waiting for a bigger dip before shortsqueeze, once it started bouncing fast I thought this is it. Dip buought first green day.

Exit comments: Didn't rise further and started breaking the descending triangle so had to cut my loss.


($76) Loss
MLong Option

Entry comments: OPEN

Exit comments: expired

Open Trade
TTCMLong Stock

Entry comments: Bought 150000 strong move over .012 resistance, 1st stop .0165


($98) Loss
MTSLLong Stock

This stock was up pre market on earning news, it was a low float and had already traded over a million shares pre market. I waited for market to open and there was some selling that pulled the price down and then it held on the pre market support level. I bounced around for a bit just touching my risk level and the boom slammed through it. I cut losses quick and the stock faded the rest of the day. I am not skilled enough to trade these morning drive plays yet.


$7 Profit
NTECLong Stock
($5) Loss
OSTKLong Stock

Chart was moving quick and forgot to put an exit strategy in place. Rookie


$251 Profit
JCPShort Stock
$10 Profit
LXRXLong Stock

Testing a New Pattern (GUTRSDDB) but was working so had to set a stop loss and decided to swing it due to PDT and having the potential for 2 more day trades on this account. Missed some of the "meat" but that's ok. Hit my stop loss again on the following day but two more day trades til Wednesday.


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