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Entry comments: shorted the reversal. Stop at 1215.6 risking $100 to potentially make $540.

Exit comments: Trade went against me and ran into my stop.

Posted: Jan 22, 11:56 PM

I left me trade open on Friday thinking the excitement over Trump's inauguration would subside and a little pullback would be in order. Appears to be the case at the moment so I'll take my winnings and stand by for another entry depending on what the charts tell me.

Posted: Jan 22, 6:55 PM/

closed with a spike, overnight trade, failed miserably

Posted: Jan 21, 1:25 PM

good overnight trade, was making lower highs throughout the day, decided to short it when it broke support near market close and couldn't break above it

Posted: Jan 21, 1:24 PM

cut losses quickly

Posted: Jan 21, 1:21 PM

thought it was going to breakout, was wrong, cut loss quickly

Posted: Jan 21, 1:19 PM

not bad, but moves too fast for my scared trading ass

Posted: Jan 21, 1:18 PM

not too bad, at least i didn't chicken out

Posted: Jan 21, 1:16 PM
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