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Got in on the pullback expecting this to test HOD. Could have gotten a better entry at around 3.33. Got the move I was expecting and it went to 3.58 but I got out at 3.52 for a nice quick profit. Didn’t want to hold on too long as I done this on my phone. I shouldn’t have and chased this trade abit so not too happy about that.

Posted: Apr 23, 2:44 PM

Met my expectations, excellent entry and exit.

Posted: Apr 23, 7:17 PM

Multi month B/O. Got in as this was breaking the resistance of 2.10. entered at 2.15 and out at 2.25. Great discipline to not be greedy as this TANKED down to 1.9. I caught the top of the day so little risky

Posted: Apr 23, 2:40 PM
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