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$18 Profit
VISLLong Stock

Entry comments: As soon as I bought I realized I was to early. I really need to remember to be more patient and buy closer to the end of the day. Since its Friday I still think it can squeeze if it holds above my stop loss

Exit comments: Sure enough, I bought to early as I though. If I wouldve waited an hour, I couldve made another 5-10%. I really wanted to hold over night but honestly I dont hate selling here. So imma locking it in!.......Im getting better. Keep it up and soon my timing will get better and profits will only go up.



Funny how this was supposed to be a 'buy and hold over the weekend' trade. Bought in the 13s, sold into the 20s. Small position just because it was supposed to be held over the weekend, but I'll take the +50%.


-$650 Loss
VUZILong Stock

Entry comments: Buying this WIMI sympathy play as WIMI is in the $22s now up 500% so sympathy plays can rock more too, especially Friday afterhours, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: No bounce afterhours, I'm overtrading, gotta stay more disciplined, cut losses quickly, protect gains


-$560 Loss
XERSLong Stock

Entry comments: Rumor of Soros stake, I don't even know 100%, my laptop is acting up, but worth the risk, price action looks good, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Not trending properly even though Soros was confirmed in SEC filing, no idea what's happening with this one, not gonna risk it, cut losses quickly


$20 Profit
MVISLong Stock

$3 Profit
WIMILong Stock

Big short squeeze. Wanted into so decided to chase. Waited for a dip in the momentum to get in. Entry was good for patience. As always, could have bought sooner. On second consecutive red tick got scared and sold for small gain. It was getting late and I did not know how a squeeze like this would act at close. I wanted $1 a share and it kept going, could have had $2 a share. I was on the right track. Good trade.



Bought this at the close of power hour. Any sign of weakness and I will be out. Stocks have been tough this week, have had a very bad week. Going on vacation next week resetting my mind choice. Clear risk here on HYSR. Nice push going into power hour. Sold around the top.

$52 Profit
KNOSLong Stock

Held overnight, thought it had potential to get to 0.2 but didn't want to hold over the weekend. Profit is profit.


$48 Profit
DSLong Stock

===FGD breaking mdH=== 15:38 - bought for EOD BO 15:41 - put a HS to be green in case of a EOD crash. Got exited. [[OVERALL - bad trading day]]


-$57 Loss
CPSHLong Stock

===runner breaking 52wH==== 15:29 - bought after a big bounce for a second gap up 15:31 - no bounce. STCMLQ. Should had tried to buy the dip...


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