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DELTLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 600 shares of DELT at 2.71. Small position bc I cant sell till monday. This thing keeps breaking out and its closing near its highs. Risk is 2.60. Reward is b/o over 2.80 monday. Not expecting anything huge with this.

Posted: Apr 28, 3:58 PM
SYFShort OptionbyVas

Entry comments: SYF puts will expire ITM so will get shares putted tomorrow. Selling calls to reduce any downside risk.

Posted: Apr 28, 3:29 PM

MTBCShort Stockbyskydust11

Entry comments: 1.63 cover. Moe moneys.

Posted: Apr 28, 12:27 PM

MTBCLong Stockbyskydust11

Entry comments: Sold 1.78 Paper trading just using thinkorswim as default.

Posted: Apr 28, 12:25 PM

MTBCLong Stockbyliquidsky23

Entry comments: Missed opportunity to buy @ 1.35 - plan to hold o/n and looking to make .35 p/s

Posted: Apr 28, 11:47 PM

SYFShort OptionbyVas

Entry comments: Massive drop after earnings, VWAP of about $28.2 already creating support, risk for today is around -2SD VWAP so about 50 cents below strike. Goal is for options to expire worthless.

Posted: Apr 28, 10:01 AM

CYTRLong Stockbykjs3980

Entry comments: I saw it bottomed at 0.5 and it went up to 0.53 again and it went down to 0.5 again. I just play based on my support and resistance knowledge, I am ready to cut losses quickly also (financing), I hope to get 3 to 20 % bounce.(depending on how market goes) I am willing to sell in strength and if it broke out 0.55 level, rebuy at pullback again because it went down 50% past few days.

Posted: Apr 29, 12:03 PM
TRXCLong StockbyDrKev

Entry comments: Swing trade

Posted: Apr 29, 1:06 AM

FCELLong StockbyDrKev

Entry comments: Flip trade

Posted: Apr 29, 1:05 AM

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