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TBIOLong Stockbyspanglenuts

Entry comments: in premarket. looking to sell once it goes over 1.00 in the morning. Or cut my losses quickly.

Posted: Jan 23, 8:46 AM

GLBSLong StockbyJbroome

Entry comments: Hoping to get $1 maybe $1.5 up side this is my first trade.

Posted: Jan 23, 8:59 AM

DXShort FuturebyHippievsJock

Entry comments: Entry signal given. US dollar short

Posted: Jan 22, 9:47 PM
TBIOLong Stockbywolfofsmithst

Entry comments: 2nd trade with TBIO

Posted: Jan 20, 9:47 PM

MCOALong StockbyMichaelBLe

Entry comments: Wanted to cancel my order but my think or swim app crashed when I cancelled. Ended up getting filled, but it's okay. My plan was to enter on the break of .10 to break the HOD, which it did. Keeping the stop loss close .01 with the goal of high .10s or even .11. Letting this run, should have room until .11. I'll adjust my expectations as the stock runs.

Posted: Jan 21, 11:35 AM

EAPHLong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 25000 shares of EAPH at .034. The weed sector seems to be hot and has tons of supernovas in different stages of the pattern. This one continues to break out but is still very low priced. If it can break .035 it could run. Risk is .03.

Posted: Jan 20, 3:58 PM

MCOALong StockbyRunningWatters

Entry comments: Bought 20000 shares of MCOA at .094. This weed stock is breaking out over intraday highs and through past supernova bounce resistance. .09 was bounce resistance and now next resistance is .20. It has run in the past, has great volume and is in a hot weed sector. I think it can have multiple days running just like CBIS that keeps spiking.

Posted: Jan 20, 2:46 PM

RNVALong StockbyJoshSacchetti

Entry comments: went in on the patent news

Posted: Jan 20, 1:23 PM
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