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ZSANLong StockbyAllenew79

Entry comments: because pull back after 4 days . feel good time to add some

Posted: Feb 25, 12:42 AM

IPCILong Stockbyderekashe

Entry comments: Rumor on $60M partnership should lead to a gap up come Monday. Already up AHs

Posted: Feb 24, 4:55 PM

AUPHLong Stockbyderekashe

Entry comments: Beautiful day chart. Should have a gap up Monday. Looking for $0.15-$.20 at the least

Posted: Feb 24, 4:28 PM

OWCPLong Stockbyderekashe

Entry comments: Held support intraday, has been climbing since before PH, going for an EOD surge

Posted: Feb 24, 3:40 PM

NAKDLong Stockbyderekashe

Entry comments: Holding support, looking for late day squeeze.

Posted: Feb 24, 3:35 PM

CBAYShort Stockbyhuperauxano

Entry comments: Chart entering a 'Pennant' formation and also moving toward breakdown below an up-sloping trend line. Determined breakdown level to be 2.90 and entered short as stock moved through support.

Posted: Feb 24, 9:50 PM

ABEOLong Stockbyhuperauxano

Entry comments: Stock has been in a week long consolidation channel with support around 4.90 to base risk. Historic support / resistance at 5.00 and even number. As stock rose to 5.00 I entered.

Posted: Feb 24, 9:45 PM

CEMPLong Stockbychrisbnc

Entry comments: 1st trade in 2 years. I remember making this mistake before. Just wanted to get my feet wet, will close out Monday, shake it off and move on.

Posted: Feb 24, 4:08 PM

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