Please congratulate several students on these great trades already today https://tim.ly/2M7lHur good job PaulDelgao, Nene, MarkN, HMStars friggin CLBS and $LTBR are on fire

PatriotTrades Jun 20, 9:27 PM

tim, locked in a good trade today on $NEPT in @3.72 out @3.96 sold way too soon but, i feel like i was on the right track and followed my plan to a T, thanks for all of your knowledge and educational videos!

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lauricerich1 Jun 19, 8:32 AM

Thanks Tim you are much appreciated and safe travels!!!

Dal Jun 19, 8:37 AM

Great to see some of my watchlist on yours. Learning!

RR51 Jun 19, 11:05 AM

GEVO awesome today. Thanks Tim!

JeepTrader Jun 19, 5:21 PM

Just watched the video with Tim G. What you are doing to build schools with your earnings is inspiring. My goal is not to be rich. It is to do what you are able to do. Change the lives of millions. Thanks you!

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