$275 profit DFODQ Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this recent runner spiking fast today on news https://tim.ly/2STeMu2 goal is to make 10-20%, might be quick but this ran for several days just a few weeks ago so let's see how far it can run now, cut losses if morning spike fails

Exit comments: Nice little gain to start the week, probly could wait and give it time, but it's up nearly 50% on the day in a down overall market so I'll take this single

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OcularShinobi Feb 18, 8:32 PM

@LWeisfeld the color coding is only representative of price blocks, from the best bid ask/ up top, and the next in line is represented by a different color so you get an idea of how many orders are in at what prices.

LWeisfeld Feb 19, 7:15 AM

@Weefirepengy That's pretty good. All Cypher saw in the Matrix were blondes, brunettes and redheads. And they were all "pump and dumps" 😉

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zand Feb 17, 11:16 AM

I cannot see the three stocks with s potential today on profit. ly' alerts , can you please help me? Also I need to know how to post my trade performance here , I'a little behind technology . Thank you

RChen Feb 17, 3:07 PM

Watched. good lesson. thank you Mark.

Grimes Feb 18, 7:14 AM

good stuff Croock. blessed to have ya

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