I totally forgot about AXIM today, perfect 1st green day off the big drop, grrrr, what a wasted opportunity aye aye aye too many plays!

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2timothysykes Jan 18, 3:08 PM

You live you learn, the only thing that sucks is your attitude, change it

Chongette32 Jan 18, 3:26 PM

I think you did the right thing to sell it as it wasn't doing anything pre-mkt then re-buy at the market open. Just because you sell too soon doesn't mean the move is over. You just need to keep watching the stock

1LX1991 Jan 18, 3:26 PM

when you enter a trade, you should have a certain risk level, so that if the stock moves beyond your imaginary price, you get out. you entered into the APRI trade and as long as the price is not falling below your risk level, why getting out? premarket it was in a beautiful consolidation between $1.80 and $2.00 , so as long as it does not break out of this channel, it is still in consolidation so you just have to wait. dont bother you missed this play, I missed it too but such plays will appear

jamcor Jan 18, 4:17 PM

It's all about risk. Besides, there were other opportunities on this and many other trades. Chin up. Hey nearly did the same on this same trade this morning.

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