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Flockstock Jul 15, 12:23 PM

Use VWAP as an extra support/resistance indicator in the afternoons not for mornings, above VWAP=bullish, below =bearish , holding spikes vs failing spikes, one and done, market makers manipulate and flu sh buyers near the highs, first green day

KiwiDan Jul 15, 9:48 PM

Hi @markcroock what platform are you using here ? your VWAP locations are slightly different to mine on IB. IB studies are terrable I am having huge issues with VWAP display. IB chat no help

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Flockstock Jul 14, 11:55 AM

Put options have limited risk, otc stocks are not optionable, strike price = target to buy or sell, acts like a limit order. Use options when can't get shares to short and want to limit risk. Buy calls to gai n, leverage, clear estimated certain future catalysts. Options always expire on Friday, fixed risk when buying options, unlimited risk when selling. Time premium price might be more expensive than just shorting the stock. It is situational. Implied volatility higher.

skapla2 Jul 15, 1:15 PM

Question: where are the videos.. newbie looking to learn

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$579 profit CEI Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the dip on this runner, Friday morning especiale, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce

Exit comments: Can't get back to its highs of .68, it tried 2x already, priobly playing it too safe, but locking in my $500+ in profits

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jubby1975 Jul 15, 12:39 PM

B. N t"? X Bn.c I. i m. H M m Bnçxx cccxx.

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SlipKid Jul 15, 2:13 PM

Reviewing this again and must say the Webinar was unprecedented in its amount of knowledge to be studied. Learned. repeat... Thanks for these great tools! Looking forward!

PennyStock_Meg Jul 16, 5:14 AM

I would love to go to the summit. Maybe next year

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