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BoBRed Sep 18, 6:33 AM

:) So, I am still learning. I didn't hold over the weekend. I got in at .0873 and sold into strength at .099. I made 78.96 profit. I got scared and sold too early. I am still holding the bag on REFR and VVPR. I didn't want to be holding this as well. Also, when I sold CLNV, I didn't sell into strength and I lost most of what I was up trying to sell it on it's way down. I am actually very happy with my profit on AXTG.

student_28159 Sep 18, 7:58 AM

I have been using TradeStation but it would not left me trade this stock. What is a good platform for trading this OTC.

brhodie Sep 18, 11:44 AM

Etrade allows OTC trades

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Charlesgorga Sep 17, 9:55 AM

I listened to your explanation and was very impressed ! Thank you for being honest

rabsai8 Sep 17, 5:42 PM

Should’ve tried to sell premarket, would’ve made $20.oo. Decided to wait greedily and immediately lost $60.oo but as I cut losses as quickly as I could, I retained the $440.oo I was able to pull out of the dumper. Love the value you give in your content. Because of your guidance my trading is always improving. Looking forward!

kFox49 Sep 18, 7:32 AM

Thanks Tim! That was a good lesson on what a scratch looks like and not let a scratch turn into something needing stitches

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Now $JZZI back over .02 so even with the market getting crushed, my 2 plays including S$FOR today are both solidly higher from all my buys, that's a good sign that I'm on the right track and I locked in a safe $1400 already too!

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