WOW CVSI now 4.80, $1/share higher from my buy, please be sure to take profits along the way, this is best case scenario, congrats to all longs, I sold a bit too soon but still profited nicely

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Every single one of you should've been prepared for CVSI from the watchlist, premarket video lesson and 600 video lessons on this exact pattern

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$2,800 profit CVSI Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought the morning panic, same as the http://tim.ly/sykesmorning pattern, looking for a 10-20% bounce, could be quick, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: WOW, man oh man, what a nice morning dip and rip, wish they were all this easy, see today's premarket video lesson for the pattern and 600+ examples at http://tim.ly/sykesdipbuys only wish I had bigger position, but I'll take these profits as waiting for setups like this is the key to longterm success

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rpsmith8 Aug 21, 10:58 AM

It is still going up

bvandeberg Aug 21, 11:27 AM

My first ever trade bought at 3.92 and sold at 5.13 made $1200! Thanks for the training and tips Tim.

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robmeyer Aug 21, 3:03 PM

Roland you Rock! thank you!

LHowell Aug 21, 3:13 PM

Roland, Thank you for this fantastic, step by step thought process video! I love how you even went back to show how history/reasons why CVSI kept soaring to new over-extended highs in the first place, and then the catalyst for the crack and subsequent falling knife, how you identified the turn, and positioned yourself for only the 1st bounce on an OTC. Great Lesson! And thank you Tim for creating such wonderful Student-Teachers!

AZAST Aug 21, 3:20 PM

I was jumping out of my seat on this play. Thanks for the video Roland, very good information, always learning!

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Hagen Aug 20, 10:13 PM

Cut losses quickly. Can’t predicted tops or the bottom so trade smart. Don’t be a gun slinger.

erdosjohnson Aug 21, 12:28 AM

Your right Tim trade scared because soon as you get comfortable you start to think your I'm control and then you lose all you made that gay and more

erdosjohnson Aug 21, 12:30 AM

But I also believe a person can get good at recognizing the market and it's behavior as changing as it is and be fairly close to knowing we the top is it at least knowing where the fluidity starts changing to not being able to see any further into the future so to speak trading

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