@timothysykes Hi Tim, is Keegan Anthony still working for you?, He signed me up for Silver so I was going to join MC with him, but he hasn't returned my call. Looking forward to your reply.

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1asfricksrs Mar 17, 5:57 PM

Thank true...always enjoy and use your thoughts!

1cidguy Mar 17, 6:15 PM

I just began doing this, amazing what data uncovers. No emotion. Just the facts.

1Fox_Trader Mar 17, 9:49 PM

Will do Thanks got started a few months ago doing this and its helping.

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Acannon Mar 18, 8:27 PM

Tim, do you feel RXMD is a Pump n dump? Do you feel it is a Up and coming company?

Acannon Mar 18, 8:50 PM

@timothysykes Want to join one of the opportunities but have a very small E*TRADE account. Started it with 1000.00 I hope to gain and be able to join Pennystock Silver.

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$650 profit CLRB Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this speculative afterhours news should be a PR on Monday, goal is to make 15-30% as these biotechs have been spiking big and I think most people have left for the week so this might be an opportunity...already hit the 1.40s so I'm buying on slight dip

Exit comments: Got up to 1.55 but now there's a solid wall of sellers so it doesn't seem like this will be the big afterhours runner I thought it might be...taking small profits, potential re-buy on any big dip

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Barmitzvah777 Mar 16, 4:49 PM

My challenge package arrives on Monday. Just waiting get to get my study on.

1AHaedt Mar 16, 9:02 PM

Good job! I saw that action. I got in at 1.16. Just a small amount. 200 shares. ER is Monday and Oppenheimer conference on Tuesday. If it holds its gains through premarket and ER, should ER come pre market, it could run. Such a low float of just 14.5 million with 11.29% off float shorted, with a short ratio of 10.12.

1AHaedt Mar 16, 9:09 PM

Ursula, basically an orphan drug is when that drug is the only drug that treats a certain issue. The company submits the application for orphan status. The fda then reviews it and decided if it is indeed an orphan drug. If it is, then they give it orphan status and with it comes faster approval times and other perks. The drug doesn’t need to be approved to have orphan designation.

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