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mynbtsa Dec 11, 11:32 PM

I like both, thanks Tim

SeanLacap Dec 12, 12:24 AM

I don't like dip buying morning panics or shorting either! I like buying afternoon ramp ups and overnight holds!

Thumpmel Dec 12, 12:29 AM

I like dip buying. Made $100 on 500 shares around same points you entered and exited. Didn’t take enough size because wasn’t sure it was bottom. Thank you for your teachings!

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$2,088 profit MYOS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this big premarket spiker on a big dip near the market open, partial position, goal is to sell into bounce for 5-10% bounce, nothing huge, since it has a ton of shorts pounding it

Exit comments: Whew, that was quick, I'll take my $2k and not look back, glad I figured out the proper position size here, all my goals met, not gonna get greedy

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Nanigirl Dec 11, 11:36 AM

I bought at 1.58, still riding the momentum.

bjbala Dec 11, 2:54 PM

Great call! Volume soared today.

gipson0725 Dec 11, 8:00 PM

Real good I am ready to start how do I set Trader account up

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