$255 profit TLRY Long Stock

Entry comments: Higher priced stock but perfect #5 panic so I bought some, goal is to make $5-10/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Made a few hundred on the bounce, but no true panic so no true bounce, I'll quit while I'm ahead, just testing the waters on a higher priced stock fitting my patterns, nothing wrong with a little experimentation, video lesson on this trade coming this weekend

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md2263 Sep 21, 10:12 AM

Thanks Tim! Glad to see I had the same idea. Can't play today because of day job work- but thanks again for your teachings!

PennyWise13 Sep 21, 11:37 AM

Made 35k today on IGC. Thank you Tim!!!

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$350 profit ALEAF Long Stock

Entry comments: Weed stock breaking out today on strong volume, hit the 1.80s, now I'm buying into a decent intraday dip, goal is to sell near day highs or ideally a breakout into the 1.90s or even low 2s, nothing huge, just a solid chart plays

Exit comments: Got a little bounce back near its highs, but steady sellers in the 1.80s so doesn't look like big Friday spiker I thought it would be, locking in another few hundred bucks in profits, could be worse

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Violettubi22 Sep 21, 12:09 PM

You are the best for sharing your thoughts trading and experience every day prosper always with this way you share love you more

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bnelsoncpa Sep 21, 4:02 PM

Thanks made a few bucks on IGC

ZachR Sep 21, 11:50 PM

Thanks Tim Get well

mynbtsa Sep 22, 8:42 PM

Thank you, feel better

Wilkins0714 Sep 23, 10:56 AM

I’m loving what’s happening here with this sector momentum and like Tim sail although tilray dropped off a clip other’s such as NBEV continued to go up. One of my best trading weeks after NIO which was another good one. Thanks Tim. Let’s keep it going!

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