Flockstock Feb 19, 11:18 AM

After big moves, Wait for a drop before buying ...buy on the breakout over key levels, but once it gets further than comfortable no play ...don't get emotionally involved. Biggest percent winner doesn't lead to best result ... Stocks with best indicators does...Don't predict just react. Accept that plays will move against in your favor after you are out. No history of multi day spikes =no dip buy. Dueling in the Wild West be smart, then be quick. Have the proper mindset, be scared to trade too

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1timothysykes Feb 18, 10:51 PM

Good work, you're on the right track, keep testing and refining your process!

1StoxxRock Feb 19, 1:21 PM

Nice work man. I have personally really been struggling the last month which has hurt my confidence and my account badly. My biggest problem is holding too long and turning small losses into big losses. I am working on it and can hopefully reverse this trend.

1PlasticPaul Feb 19, 5:06 PM

Thank you for your post. I am going thought HTMM Dvd for the first time and loving it; it is very dense in content indeed and I believe it is necessary (not to say mandatory) to keep going over it again and again in order to get deeper into its layers

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TnC Feb 18, 6:49 PM

Thanks Tim worth multiple watches, great education!!

1Luckytrade Feb 18, 8:10 PM

Kroyrunner you are AWESOME thank you so much... love it LOL At 2:11:06 on SINO’s earnings I don’t give a crap what they did they could ….you know… Jesus could have touched this stock and blessed it and I still would want to short it when the uh backside sets in.

1Luckytrade Feb 18, 8:22 PM

Sooooo funny (listen respectfully funny) after listening to all the never ever ever ever ever ever short earning winners from Sykes. Sykes must have said ever 400 times in one webinar. Just goes to prove become your own trader. with your own plan. Thank you to BOTH of you.

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RNVA nice new day high with big volume, gotta love Friday afternoon momo plays

Edsel206 Feb 17, 3:26 PM

Total Noob! Brand new at this, just started trading paper money to practice. Thank you Tim for your TimeAlerts! Made to paper money trades today with CNBX: Buy 1,000 shares at $3.98 and sold at $4.15. Bought another 1,000 shares of CNBX at $4.08 and sold at $4.30. For total gains of $390 (before fees)

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$592 profit RNVA Long Stock

Entry comments: I normally hate stocks this lowly priced, but it just hit my http://stockstotrade.com scans for high volume, high of the day breakout and they're doing a reverse split next week just like MOSY, today's big winner, I will NOT hold over the long holiday weekend, goal is to make 15-30% into the market close

Exit comments: Fast drop after big move, scary stock, didn't catch the highs at .078, still made a few hundred and it's almost 3am here in Asia for me zzzzzz

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Bloody_Shark Feb 17, 3:36 PM

thanks for the alert, bought 25000 units @ 0.067 sold them at 0.076 for $225 profit in 5 minutes THANKS

colmooretrader Feb 17, 7:45 PM

i love timothy Sykes the man of wisdom! am Loyal

bigman Feb 17, 9:47 PM

good trade. clean.

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