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Kingsalini Jan 19, 1:26 PM

My favorite part "I don't short earnings winners " shit had me dying that day.

Flockstock Jan 19, 1:41 PM

Don't chase, be cautious during extreme volatile markets, ideal trades, bad setups can destroy, best trade is no trade, selective trading, hard lessons, don't gamble, avoid choppy overextended patterns, leverage and ETF, trader checklist indicator variables, past history, personal trading history, trading mindset, mistakes reinforced to teach, don't force trades

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$249 profit FNMA Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought today's big runner off its highs, goal is to make 15-30 cents/share, nothing huge, but good risk/reward

Exit comments: Out for small gain, weak bounce, might have another leg down or even two before the bottom, breakout level is down at 2.06 so that's my ideal re-entry

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smokinjetro Jan 18, 5:24 PM

Wonderful!! I AM STUDYING AND READING LIKE MAD..someday I will make my first trade!! Thank you for sharing

Nanigirl Jan 18, 5:38 PM

Thanks Tim Sykes🤙🤙🤙🤙

Chrisccc Jan 19, 9:31 AM

Tim I'm a new challenge student and I appreciate everything you do. It is helping me learn faster than i ever could by myself.

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