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DeCosmic Jun 01, 2:04 AM

Lol I watch more and more video but they are never ending! I love it! Thanks Tim about 2k lessons down 4.3 more to go!

tayhaoxia Jun 01, 4:59 AM

gotta just look at the patterns and understand how they work in order to develop into a good trader @timothysykes

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Happy weekend, check out the incredible month these 4 great challenge students just had: retweet/favorite & congratulate them too, $170,000 in profits between them, use that as motivation to study harder daily, especially on weekends! Really dig through the book & all the video lessons/DVDs/webinars you have access to!

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night_knight May 31, 10:20 AM

Its trading on 27th May, Wednesday isn't it? Took me a while to realise. Was wondering why you would go short on a first green day. haha

reverselong May 31, 11:05 AM

the mischievous smile at the end toasting to taking money from new traders LOL

gefpall May 31, 7:08 PM

7 This needs 😇😇🤩to be 2v8kd don't wannkjjja be this a sepavbb25rate list I know you're not

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