$90 profit ALPP Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this strong close on recent Supernova ALPP which just had afternoon news, goal is to sell for 10-20% profits on Monday

Exit comments: Weak gap up so out with small gains, don't just hold and hope on these volatile plays

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crysk Nov 08, 3:59 PM


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2RipChic Nov 08, 10:44 AM

Thanks, Tim! Made $1,090 in sim on TRUE.

Jackuvalltrades Nov 08, 9:36 PM

Please remember you do NOT have to trade every day, have the discipline and mental fortitude to have the patience to wait for ONLY the best setups as that will increase your odds of success dramatically.

Jackuvalltrades Nov 08, 9:37 PM

these words make so THE most sense after forcing a trade the other day. Thank you Tim for the wisdom.

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Please congratulate this student: 9:52AM chckmate → timothysykes [private]:Bought BNGO @ 1.27 sold at 1.46 - 3k shares $600 profit. Straight from your videos. Thank you so much I am done for the day

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Mpatel Nov 07, 5:13 PM

Congrats chckmate on your $600 profits. Which videos did you learn this strategy from? Curious. I am a newbie and eager to learn penny stocking!

chckmate Nov 08, 4:27 PM

Hello Mpatel its not one specific video its actually a lot of videos that drill that pattern of what a possible dip buy looks like so you can try to recognize it. I have started watching the videos on dip buys backwards from page 57 there are 560+ videos I am watching and re-watching some.

chckmate Nov 08, 4:29 PM

Thank you Tim for the videos

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$904 profit ALPP Long Stock

Entry comments: I only got a partial buy execution on this dip buy into the panic, goal is to make 10-20% on the bounce as this moves quickly, this was a 100% bouncer off yesterday's lows, let's see what it can do to today especially if it goes red to green

Exit comments: Solid bounce now, maybe it goes green on the day and does more but my goals are achieved now and volume is light today so I'll play it safe

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mikeh359 Nov 07, 9:54 AM

What's happening my man, ?

firstgreenday Nov 07, 11:03 AM

Great trade Sykes! must be ready for theses trades !!!

Guylavallee Nov 07, 1:34 PM

Cool I got in the other day at .18 and sold today for .26 800 shares But I'm using a very small account

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