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kinderstocks Feb 20, 10:12 AM

I will be meticulous!! This is a heart breakerTim!! Thanks

ap4nolez Feb 20, 10:50 AM

Thanks Tim. I will be meticulous.

Karlsson_Papertrade Feb 20, 11:17 AM

Make sure that you cancel your original order if you only get filled partly, otherwise you are risking to get filled as the stock gets to that price, and then you probably do not won't those shares that you did put in an order for earlier. The PDT rule won't disappear even though you whine about it, so see it as a challenge rather than an obstacle. A challenge to trade only the best setups.

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1TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:44 PM

Maybe hearing it from someone else will help you see it differently. Tim's right, people think he's just trying to sell shit but I've seen it first hand, the sheer number of fakes in this industry is jaw dropping.

1TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:47 PM

I love Timline because it really puts focus on the "When" part of trading a specific strategy which helped me with shorting, I now look at 3 distinct points during the day to catch the drop on a specific setup.

TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:49 PM

Also the guest speakers were awesome!

1Noble1222 Feb 18, 10:37 AM

i only have the videos in here in terms of what i have paid for and these are enough for me now. but i do listen to chat with traders on podcasts and i listened to trading in the zone for free on youtube. the podcasts were free and the moderator interviewed tim g. , tim s. etc.

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Hello Tim, I would love to receive a call from you, as I know I have some explaining to do. That is, of course, if you would be willing to listen to my irrational thinking & behavior.. Let me Explain, Mayra R. (210)606-7093

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($312) loss KODK Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent Supernova into the market close for a gap up/morning spike tomorrow as its heating up late day up to the 7.20s and now is coming down a bit ans this strength could signal further spiking since this one can really run more than you think, small position though due to the overall market risk, but I like this solid first green day after a big multi-day consolidation

Exit comments: Not gap up, no morning spike, overall bad market, rule #1 cut losses quickly, small loss, acceptable

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KG37 Feb 16, 10:22 AM

@Bairo @ddq2645 MBRX issued 4.29 million shares of common stock at a purchase price of $2.10 per share. That was definitely the reason for the drop. Stock price usually drops to that issue price after this type of news is announced.

lanatrader Feb 16, 12:19 PM

Anyone here has an alliance trading account ? comments

Bairo Feb 16, 12:41 PM

Thanks for replying guys. It was kind a hard to cut losses quick after gap down but hey its a part of the game.

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