@lx21 Gregg, I loved your presentation featured in Tim's " How To Make Millions" DVD series. You present very well!

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SithLord Jun 21, 18 9:23 PM

Hi, Cameren. I'm not a Challenge student yet. Some day

RudolphAnthony Aug 25, 18 3:11 PM

Elusive LX21...One of the few that doesnt teach

thughes3 Sep 10, 18 12:11 AM

@RudolphAnthony Because he manages funds now and is legally not allowed to disclose information or teach

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hey man did you study tim sykes videos? if so which ones were most useful to you! thanks in advance

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HungryForTheW Feb 08, 12:45 PM

Is trading is 20% knowing where and how to enter and exit and 80% psychological and controlling your psychological being. Seeing your P&L go positive and negative so quickly effects EVERYONE. One piece of advice I wish someone gave me is once you think you've learned where to enter and where to exit and in demo you can put it in to play and be super effective. Once you get to that point however long it took you to get there spend twice that amount of time figuring out your Psychological being.

HungryForTheW Feb 08, 12:47 PM

If anyone needs help shoot me a message I would be more than happy to I just wish I had someone to help me with those things that no one else seems to want to teach. I've learned from Tim I have taken courses from Warrior trader and I've taken to other courses from 2 other highly accredited traders. A not one of any of these people have taught thoroughly about psychology every 1 of them teaches you wear and how to enter and exit but that's it. If you need any help like I said reach out trust me

anjohgeorge Jun 04, 2:15 PM

Can you please give me hints of how to enter and leave a trade, with specifics, thanks.

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@lx21 If you can control your temperament are the large trades the same as small ones just with more zeroes added? Said differently, are the emotions similar at higher money levels as your experience in trading grows?

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