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Entry comments: #FOREX #FX - open new short on ST support break, price fail

Exit comments: #FOREX #FX +18.2 no real "stop run" reaction on breakthrough of 1.06 kind of just waffled through and reversed, not what I was looking for. I was looking for a breakdown on beans not a half assed breakdown.

Posted: Dec 09, 5:46 AM// 1

Caught it late in the runup to $1 when it failed to b/o. Retraced all way back down to the low 70s which freaked me out. Decided not to buy more and wait for it to retest. Did not sell on the first two dollar break because I wanted a 10c or more win. Finally set a sell due to the volitility and it executed on the second $1 break of the day. Wish I could have do over on this trade but I'll take the win.

Posted: Dec 09, 5:21 AM/

ticker action was right for a supernova, volatility for me. took nice profit a/h, tomorrow is promised to no one. PM is too scary, oh well if I miss a super nova, gotta take the nice loot.

Posted: Dec 08, 9:04 PM// 2

I don't know about this trade honestly. I suppose it is a good trade but at the price I was trading it was WAY to much risk for reward. I got lucky this time I guess. Stock should go down ... eventually but didn't show many immediate signs.

Posted: Dec 09, 1:14 AM

$64 profitUPSLong Optionbyvan21

sold too early. got shook out of my plan. 1. coulda sold at first dip, and rebuy at low 2. could hold through the dip because market condition was red - and stock was bound to go back up. bad trade, did not follow plans

Posted: Dec 09, 2:34 AM/

In 10K sh at $0.50 & Out at $0.5462 avg Bought at EOD after seeing decent uptrending volume building during last hour of trading. After seeing it struggle in PM the following morning, I sold all in PM to lock in a profit. It later sold off to a $0.35 low in the first half hour of trading.

Posted: Dec 09, 8:21 AM/