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Entry comments: Bought on strength, o/n hold. Will sell at market open

Exit comments: Should have sold a/h (yes, you can do that on RH). Sold for small loss at market open

Posted: Jan 19, 4:00 PM/ 1

I've been watching ETRM all day and tried to get in at 8.30 earlier in the day and missed my execution so I didn't chase and learned the wrong lesson for this spike. I thought it was going to keep running and saw the price action perfectly clear I just told myself to hold because it was my last day trade left. Missed a tiny profit and cut losses quickly so Im very happy with that part of this trade. As for my entry I need to focus on hitting the bottom of the dip, NEVER chase and wait for close!

Posted: Jan 20, 3:35 PM/

Entry Comments: Bought this mining company on a multi-year breakout with commodities rallying, big volume and good price action. Exit Comments: Sold into strength with stock making new multi-year highs.

Posted: Jan 20, 4:32 PM

Tried to get in earlier but the stock was bouncing all over the place. Got in @ 4.60 and then the stock dithered back and forth... too much for my taste. Got out @ 4.358 with a small loss- felt it was going to go a bit higher- but all the stocks on my watch list suddenly seemed to stop moving well.

Posted: Jan 20, 2:33 PM

Entry comments: going to buy it on this dip. risking $175 to potentially make $422.

Exit comments: I was expecting it to move faster. So I just exited and took my small profits.

Posted: Jan 20, 12:43 PM