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HMNYLong StockbyTeyrex

Entry comments: I dip bought this stock on its day which seems to have multi-month support in the $3.50 mark. hoping for an afternoon bounce into the 4.00 range but notice resistance at 3.80 which I might have to take profits there if it can't break resistance before the day close.

Posted: May 24, 3:06 PM

Entry comments: Got shares to short on IB. First short, excited.

Exit comments: Too many buyers bringing it up every time it dips. Playing it safe and covered with a small loss

Posted: May 24, 12:50 PM

I caught $GLBS breaking out and hitting my angle alert on the hourly chart. All long term charts were trending and I traded with the overall trend of the market. I chose to Exit on the slope reversal and red candle on the 1 minute.

Posted: May 24, 3:54 PM/