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Entry comments: This is a trading signal generated by an Algo. This is not a buy or sell alert recommendation. Educational Algo alert. Trade your own thoughts. Buy signal by Ranger =2337.50(E-Mini S&P 500 = @ESH17).

Exit comments: Ranger exiting long position.

Posted: Feb 17, 8:19 AM/$

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I have really been hurting myself with trades like this recently. I know my problems, but really need to focus on getting over the mental hurdle and cutting my losses faster.

Posted: Feb 19, 1:23 PM/

$156 profitE7Short FuturebyPie

An asian open setup, no good reason to not use the normal contract, would have done twice as much.

Posted: Feb 19, 3:37 PM/

$256 profitECLong FuturebyPie

An US open setup. Got in and out nicely.

Posted: Feb 19, 3:35 PM/

Saw that this had some news and bought without looking at volume at all. Completely rushed into it because I needed a trade, but that was so dumb. Held for a few days hoping to get a better price, but ended up just selling so I could free up my money for bigger trades.

Posted: Feb 18, 1:49 PM/

Bought this because I saw it had news but didn't even bother to look at the liquidity. Held for a few days because of the pattern it had, but decided better to sell so I could use my money on bigger profits. Dumb trading move over all - won't make that mistake again.

Posted: Feb 18, 1:40 PM/