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Entry comments: dip bought looking for a breakout of VWAP first and then HOD

Exit comments: stop loss

Posted: May 22, 10:21 AM

I was not planning to buy this stock. I was actually going to buy SPWH on a dip buy, but I thought the good news of the pat was going to push the stock to brake resistance

Posted: May 22, 10:45 AM/

Good Trade just entered too fast should have waited as it went down to 1.71

Posted: May 22, 10:47 AM/

Entry comments: Coming back after dipping to 2.21. Perfect opportunity to dip buy.

Exit comments: Yea this couldn't hold the 2.20s. so i cut losses.

Posted: May 22, 10:05 AM

Key Comments: 1.Dip bought this play on news about a release of a new app 2.Good RSI Level 3.Pattern recognition (Dip Buy forming a cup and Handle) i didn't sold into strength and basically i lost $10 in commissions

Posted: May 22, 10:16 AM/

MTBCLong StockbyPateo

Entry comments: Buying at dip buy. Price stabilized around 2.19. Risk at day low 2.08

Posted: May 22, 10:01 AM