I officially blew up my trading account. Really badly. I dont know what to say honeslty. I know what I did wrong. I dont feel terrible, I just feel neutral. I currently have to finish paying off my roof and STT plan; I didnt want to explode into savings. So I will pay off my debts (AMEX Plan it Roof and STT, now 24 hour rockets which was a scam). I need to go back to basics which is tough with 2 little ones. (tough not impossible). Issues: etrade is great but the fucking fees eat you alive. up to $25 round trip. Webull: amazing, but few penny stocks. STT: nice, but not as clean as webull, but has oracle on it. and better screeners PDT: I need to use a cash account. getting stuck out of a trade for 2 days is better than 5 days. and you can still use unsettle funds so long as you keep the new purchase until the funds have settle. Cash account all the way until 25K+ This is a process. I need to understand its a marathon. I need to shake that feeling that time it running out. I dont know what I feel that way but I always have. There will always be plays. Time is not running out. one step at a time

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I blew up my original 2500 account being stupid. I reset with just a 1000 deposit. Made the same mistakes when choosing options to play once again. Losing. Had small 100 accounts with Webull and Robin Hood which I tripled and finally had my moment. Reloaded 2500 on Friday 3/5/21 and already made 1500 from that 2500 load. Here I come millionaire status and Tim crew!!! Start in a week with Matt Monaco also can’t wait.

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