Can someone assist me with this? My trade imports from Fidelity are not working properly. When I trade a stock more than once in a day, it gets confused. It doesn't consider time of day, so when an entry/exit occurs, when it's imported out of order, a loss can seem like a win, and vice versa. It's reporting incorrect profit/loss information...including the total. Is there anything that can be done about this? Is anyone else having this problem?

Mr_Bigglesworth May 20, 20 3:35 PM

@timothysykes Hi Tim, do you have an I.T. dept.? My trades at Fidelity are no longer being imported. When I try to import, it just says "No trades to import." However, I have lots.

timothysykes May 20, 20 3:47 PM

@Mr_Bigglesworth as I've said in chat half a dozen times the past few days, verifying is down, just manually upload

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Blows my mind you guys are still using brokers like Thinkorswim and Fidelity which both had shitty executions on SHMP don't tell me I haven't told you 1947284829 times which brokers I use, memorize and stop fucking up and missing gimmies like that

jspinoza3 Feb 12, 19 12:06 PM

I read the article, Tim. You recommend against trading on a margin account, but then how can we short stocks? Also do you still recommend TDAmeritrade now that they own thinkorswim? It should be the same execution correct?

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My opinion on the best penny stock brokers - Etrade and Interactive Brokers have high account minimums and don’t accept people from certain countries so it's best to for people with smaller accounts to use Questrade, Schwab, SpeedTrader, Scottrade and Fidelity. I would highly recommend avoiding brokerages like Robinhood and Suretrader. Suretrader are based off-shore, allowing you to bypass the Pattern Day Trader rule but have recieved a lot of negative reviews from previous customers. Robinhood are free but you're at a serious disadvantage to your competition, it's like showing up to a gun fight with a knife.

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SergLND Sep 15, 17 12:00 PM

which broker do you recommend in UK ?

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