Back in 2018 I downloaded Robinhood and messed around bought 6 shares of SPI and then two more shares for about the same price i think .39 cents. Forgot all about it till this morning when I saw SPI and started thinking it looked familiar but didn't think much of it till I took a break at work and saw it was up 1500% lol Logged into Robinhood and yep it was still there and ended up making $278.40 lol with a 8185.71% gain! don't want to add to my trades on because gave me a stupid 1000+% avg % gain and want to know where i am at without this strange win. but had to post it somewhere lol. I do wish I was not at work while this was going so i could have made a better profit but I never would have thought this random stock to me at the time would spike two years later to around 4000%

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I just want to point out that all my trades with Robinhood cannot be verified for some odd reason. I've tried multiple times now, and nothing. Will be opening an IB account soon. All my TD trades are verified though!

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