Retweet/favorite this https://tim.ly/3nZODrh if you realize what a friggin gimmie $TSNP is and how if you have Robinhood you can't profit off it which is a mistake!

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Billiam Nov 27, 20 10:13 AM

Robinhood is a Scam!! Period. Interactive, Scwabb, TD, Webull Only ones I would ever suggest to anyone. Heck, Webull is even allowing 4 hrs prior too, and after market trading. But Robinhood, total scam from day one. Stay safe everyone. Have a Great Weekend. Bought SFT early, holding over weekend. Thanks Tim For Everything you do!!

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I’m am so disgusted with myself. I’m in the process of inputting my trades in manually for RH. As I enter I am getting sick of how stupid I was. Since I started I have a trend since day one to buy and sell the next day. ATM I’ve only entered up to middle of July 2019. I still have another year of entry to go. All my comments are “Robinhood inputting manually “. Because I’m a damn newbie and I had no plan , no entry, exit, hold timeframe. STRAIGHT STUPID!!! I’ll keep you updated on more of my dumb trades

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