1TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:44 PM

Maybe hearing it from someone else will help you see it differently. Tim's right, people think he's just trying to sell shit but I've seen it first hand, the sheer number of fakes in this industry is jaw dropping.

1TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:47 PM

I love Timline because it really puts focus on the "When" part of trading a specific strategy which helped me with shorting, I now look at 3 distinct points during the day to catch the drop on a specific setup.

TimeFliesBuy Feb 17, 8:49 PM

Also the guest speakers were awesome!

1Noble1222 Feb 18, 10:37 AM

i only have the videos in here in terms of what i have paid for and these are enough for me now. but i do listen to chat with traders on podcasts and i listened to trading in the zone for free on youtube. the podcasts were free and the moderator interviewed tim g. , tim s. etc.

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BB7 Feb 18, 4:33 AM

Success! Haters only make me stronger and smarter!

Ssolax Feb 18, 12:29 PM

Great video, just need to find my niche with longs. My account isn't big enough to short with.

AustinBustamante Feb 18, 1:40 PM

Successful! You can do it Stephen you insanely harry beast! You have the winning attitude. No doubt you will reach all your goals brother!

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What an abusive day of trading :( I have to stop this mindset cause it is taking me to nowhere, should be in a trade for a longer time and actually let the money work for me, unfortunately I am doing the opposite, just trading more and more. From today on, I will only focus in one or two trades a day, and stay longer in them until they change trend cause I get faked out ALL the time.

1TimeFliesBuy Feb 13, 5:36 PM

How about posting a watchlist maybe? Maybe see if it helps when you put it all in writing for others to see.

1TimeFliesBuy Feb 13, 5:38 PM

Tickers - price targets and at the bottom your rules

hacktheticker Feb 16, 3:21 PM

Makes sense Jesse, will do that starting from next week, need to come in with a plan.

1skyboying Feb 16, 6:12 PM

you and me trade the same,,,but know one sees it

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1erjcan Feb 12, 3:51 AM

hey bro, do u write reasons to enter trades?

TimeFliesBuy Feb 13, 12:41 PM

Depends on what you mean, but yes usually I do, after 220 trades though I don't always put it in the trade comments but you'll find my trades much more descriptive than a lot of traders.

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