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farrelco Aug 02, 20 6:16 AM

Hey Roy, I was watching them by year.. then switched to category. To be honest it doesn't really matter. You can get nuggets from every video lesson. The video lessons should be seen as a compliment to your own research and chart analysis. You can save the lessons you particularly like because its a good idea to watch them more than once! Hope that helps

Kupfermagnet Aug 02, 20 4:09 PM

Hey, only have a sub, currently I watch all the new ones Tim puts out and then going backwards if nothing new is to watch. Also I focus on one category at the moment (buying morning panics) as that is the main strategy I'm trading at the moment. When I started out I wanted to watch all video lessons all over the place but that is just information overload. I think Tim Grittani said it, one lesson that truly helped him is to focus on one or two strategies. Hope it helps and good trading

Holdmytexan Aug 02, 20 5:40 PM

@Kupfermagnet there's no such thing as bad information, I'm always looking for new ways to grow as a trader. Thanks

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