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Elayne Jan 19, 5:03 PM

Thanks for sharing Tessa! You are doing so well! Don't be too hard on yourself especially for the internet inefficiencies. I think its outstanding that you've reached a milestone with not getting emotional about the loss. If you keep it going that way and with all the other learning, I think you will really advance higher, sooner.

TessaLamping Jan 19, 5:51 PM

@Elayne thank you so much! I feel great today about not having fomo on the 200%+ gainers today

rey_11 Jan 20, 5:08 PM

stocks to trade does lag sometimes for me as well. the bid and/or ask can sit at one spot and the ticker can still be moving around it. I'll normally look at my TOS to watch order flow if that starts to happen.

TessaLamping Jan 20, 7:08 PM

@rey_11 when it lags its usually due to my internet. Its a good idea to have a back up. Ut thats with anything imho

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