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ExAltaFitter Apr 15, 11:44 PM

I don't know how many times, as a new trader, I have watched the turn on the dip, buy order loaded and never pulled the trigger. I have been setting stop losses because my broker shows me what my losses are....and they are nothing like $14 and it still doesn't give me the confidence to pull the trigger. Its not about losing money for me, it seems, the risk is minor, its about losing.

TessaLamping Apr 15, 11:46 PM

@STOCKEYE_AG yeah I didn't see the level 2 but I like the pattern. And lol no 30 isn't old. I just feel old 😁

rey_11 Apr 16, 12:51 AM

Great vid! Do you ever toggle the after hours bar, bottom left just below the magnifier? I like to omit the after-hours trading for OTCs. I can see/read the charts a lot better when I do that. Keep up the great work and building your confidence to all time highs!

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