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Ban60k Oct 06, 21 6:53 AM

@hansh075 Thanks. One last question, can you tell me your scanning criteria you use for dip buying morning panics

Ganzy Oct 07, 21 4:19 PM

@hansh075 congrats on the milestone from the UK. Do you accept messages on here (DM's) or twitter, i've tried messaging on both

Integra Oct 08, 21 8:10 AM

Thankyou. I keep record of all my mistakes. I will try to avoid repeating them.

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[TimChallenge] Hi Tim, finishing off April on +40k this month and 5.3k today. Was trading part time all this while, have now started trading full time since March. I cant thank you enough for Teaching us and enabling me to switch my carrer to be a Trader. I just crossed 800k recently, hoping to reach a million one day. Have a nice weekend everybody.

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just became a fully transparent trader today!

hansh075 Mar 18, 21 12:38 AM

I wouldn't go by the % value, as its not 100% accurate. Its average of multiple trades on the same ticker per date.Anyways thanks for your comment :)

Robinreviewz Jun 21, 21 9:54 PM

Thanks for reply u r inspiration for new trader l am sure u will hit your first million in July 2021

razzy909 Aug 27, 21 4:14 AM

Hlo bhai.. I am in my high school and just getting started with trading.. And I can't afford such courses asy parents are not awar of trading and they do not support such things either. But I wanna learn. I have learning for a year now but not getting anywhere with little money that I have.. If you can, then please suggest me some free resources so that I can follow your footsteps and I will be more than happy to have a talk with you in instagram...

hansh075 Oct 08, 21 7:17 PM

@razzy909 You are still very young take it easy, and take your time. I suggest you first go through all of Tims videos and understand his mindset. Not just trading, also patience, discipline that he displays in trading. Trading psychology is very important. Learn the process. If you are unable to afford, then take your time and keep grinding on education. Come back when you are ready and can afford to Trade, bcoz you should be ready to loose your funds and it will happen if you like it or not.

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