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Flockstock Jan 19, 3:58 PM

Failed spikers most often continue to fail.. be selective, stocks down a lot will bounce just because its down. Failure to hold spikes, odds are against you, failed gaps make good shorts. Midday spikes often fail

2grasleys Jan 19, 4:54 PM

Great Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

aleon Jan 19, 6:39 PM

Lesson learned: dont buy stocks with multiple days of failed breakups. Thanks Mark

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canudropit2 Nov 20, 18 5:50 AM

Thanks Mark...Recent supernovas runners and big volume

skatermdw Nov 28, 18 10:24 PM

Mark, it always a pleasure to be involve in your video lesson, Thank You...

diane47 Dec 07, 18 3:47 PM

Thanks, Mark. Love your style.

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