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PrairieTrader Jan 23, 7:06 PM

thanks mark, i liked the 11am bounce tip. thanks again

tayhaoxia Feb 28, 4:49 AM

look for charts with massive volume and volatility as they provide you with massive amounts of opportunities.

jax28 Mar 07, 4:39 PM

Thank you Mark, lots of good lessons here

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2grasleys Jan 23, 1:15 PM

Good Lesson Mark, Thanks!!

tayhaoxia Feb 29, 2:57 AM

focus on multi day spiker with other catalyst like volume and even better when hot sector play can play a part as well

Ipanini Mar 09, 10:43 AM

Hi Mark, thank you - I'm new around here and can't seem to find the video webinar of Dec 5th 2019 that you are referring to here. Can you please enlighten me? (or anybody else that can point me to the webinar?)

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JRF Feb 03, 1:18 PM

Thanks Mark

SurfinWaves Feb 08, 3:35 PM

Mark, I loved this lesson! Really helped me get a feel for timing an entry, which is my biggest blind spot currently. Awesome awesome lesson. Thanks!!

tayhaoxia Mar 02, 3:17 AM

stocks that are multi day runner offer the best opportunity

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