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Grambo Jan 21, 5:51 PM

awesome look at sectors and great reminder just how powerful that catalyst really is... back to the books for now...

Windwalzer Jan 22, 10:11 AM

Thank you for the sector lesson and the mind reminders. We must keep our eyes on the bigger picture and know what sectors are running.

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Crazey_Canuck Jan 08, 3:52 PM

Thanks Mark, 3rd Time got to stick sooner or later

stowyo Jan 10, 9:37 AM

ya, definitely saw yjis coming at 2AM CST spun up in Premarket lo float scan. i am always so close. i trap myself by staying overnite and keeping an unrewarding trade thanjs for the wake up review

jburd Jan 13, 11:13 PM

Thanks Mark much appreciated.

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