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ZachR Sep 01, 6:59 AM

keep recent runners on your watch list ideally multi day runners and look for the bounce off support for a first green day. Buy off key consolidation on a uptrend or pull back don't chase and as always cut your losses like it ant no thing.

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LHowell Sep 09, 1:42 AM

Narrow down and prioritize your watchlist! This is crucial and I am really not good at this YET. Mark, thanks for the lesson about prioritizing FGD, huge volume, on a former runner, with a good goal right now is to be able to put together a watchlist that won't cause you to cringe upon review.

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asfricksrs Aug 26, 5:12 PM

Thanks Mark, appreciate your teachings, getting in before the move, thank you.

LHowell Sep 09, 1:13 AM

Never underestimate the billionaire effect. Sometimes these plays will consolidate and provide a leg-up. Do not find yourself on the wrong side of these trades. Thank you Mark.

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Hey @markcroock good evening, quick question that I'm not sure if other people are gray on as well. We see so often that when offerings are announced they are perceived as negative (if they are offering at a discount) so what about on the other hand if the offering is say at $6 when the stock is trading at $5.67. I take it that is seen as a positive sign but, 1.) Why would a company do this and 2.) why is it perceived as a positive sign. See $DEST as this is what my question was kind of based around. I am not positive if you have already answered this question before so my apologies if this is like you're 8th time getting the question. Thank you Sir have a good one.

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