All week I was very cautious/disciplined, then $TSLA started bouncing and I "wanted to be a part of the move" so dumb...I'll do detailed video lesson this weekend, glad I didn't alert it since I was deadwrong, but should never have done it in the first place, ruined a lot of solid little trades this week for me

Larry1982 Dec 23, 22 11:43 AM

@timothysykes is the Lionel Messi of trading TEACHERS because he is 100% open and transparent with his wins AND losses all to help his students. VERY selfless and it takes big ol’ balls to do that when you have so many followers!

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HIMMENY Dec 18, 22 2:18 PM

Make him build a school in Bali!! good interview, worth the rewatch

taylor6612 Feb 04, 1:23 PM

@timothysykes wow I absolutely loved this! Seeing you and the mind of a promoter talk about all this was very exciting and unique to me! I can't thank you enough for this video. Also watching the very end I didn't know all that but thank you so much for dedicating your life to charity and your students. You are giving every one of us the opportunity of a lifetime if we work hard at it and thats almost unreal. You are such a real/ great person and I look forward to meeting you one day.

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