My morning DPLS trade! One of my best trades. It may be small (just $200 bucks) but I rarely make that much in one trade. Still learning and scaling up! Thanks Tim and all the Challenge mentors!!!

RouxBourbon Aug 17, 10:16 AM

Excellent risk reward, buying that dip and risking lod has a super strong edge.

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I made a thing! My Trading Journal (for MacOS). Msg me if you want to try it out.

TheLostNomad Mar 26, 4:15 PM

Maybe it is time I start scaling up. Get my average trade above $8. LOL

TheLostNomad Apr 05, 6:33 PM

Hi everyone! I joined the Challenge program back in Sept 2019 and I am now a lifetime member! As a lazy SW Engr, I was tired of manually tracking my trades in excel. So over the past year, I created a trading journal app. I recently threw it up in the App Store. The app is super cheap compared to similar SW. But if you're interested, msg me and I can send you a free two week passcode.

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Crazey_Canuck Mar 31, 10:27 PM

Fantastic Video Huddie loved the the Level 2 and the clearly defined plays Booked marked this one. Peace Out

Crazey_Canuck Apr 03, 7:22 PM

Awesome Huddie watched again, if you are having trouble with Level 2 watch this a couple of times. Thank you so much Peace out

millerruth23 Aug 14, 4:37 PM

Just re-watched, great Lvl 2 action to learn from

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Power Hour Stocks: What Is It and How Do I Take Advantage of It?

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phred Jun 11, 20 4:08 PM

actualy, one of the most useful - helps me direct my focus - which was somewht absent.I've been in the challenge forabout six weeks, still struggling. I always seem to be late getting to theparty. Etrade is very cumbersometo trade with. I've ost money just trying to get abid in - much less get a fill at a good price. Oh well, I'll keep at it - it is startingto make sense - this videeo helps a lot.

Grambo Nov 25, 20 11:15 PM

never thought as the first hour as a power hour but its true... Thank you for sharing

phred Dec 16, 20 7:55 AM

Not exactly fully transparent. I plan to keep current now, but I have a bunch of stuff from the last six months - not exaxtly on cocktail napkins but woefully incomplete. Last 6 weeks or so I have good data and will load as time permits. Some embarassingly stupid trades in there. I keep trying to avoid them but my "stupid" rears up once in a while and does me in. Glad to hve arrived at a point where I think this is a worthwhile exercise.

TheLostNomad Mar 28, 6:04 AM

This was like the best 5 minute video lesson overview I've seen.

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